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12 Best Hotel Marketing Software

After a thorough evaluation, I've handpicked the top 12 hotel marketing software that meets your needs and solves complex business challenges.

  1. Cendyn - Best for driving direct revenue through data-driven marketing
  2. SmartHost CRM - Best for managing guest relationships with AI-powered insights
  3. For-Sight - Best for enhancing guest experience via tailored marketing communications
  4. GuestJoy - Best for upselling with engaging pre-stay guest communication
  5. Sojern - Best for leveraging programmatic advertising to attract guests
  6. Marvia - Best for enabling brand consistency across hotel chains
  7. Tambourine - Best for integrated hotel marketing and distribution solution
  8. Experience - Best for personalized email marketing campaigns and guest profiling
  9. Netcore - Best for enhancing guest engagement via multi-channel campaigns
  10. Bookboost - Best for driving direct bookings through guest messaging
  11. Kipsu - Best for real-time digital communication with guests
  12. Thynk - Best for utilizing AI and analytics to understand guest preferences

As a seasoned hotelier, I understand the importance of effective and innovative digital marketing tools in this dynamic industry. That's why I've explored the digital landscape, compiling a list of the 12 best hotel marketing software, each catering to a unique need within hotel marketing. These tools boost your digital presence, streamline operations, and help you understand your guests like never before.

The challenges in hotel marketing platforms are many - from the struggle to drive direct bookings to the need to enhance guest experiences. Each software on this list offers effective solutions, addressing these pain points and more. I am confident that within this list, you'll find the best fit for your hotel's specific needs. It's time to explore these powerful tools and let your marketing strategy shine.

What is a Hotel Marketing Software?

Hotel marketing software is a suite of digital tools designed to streamline, optimize, and enhance the marketing efforts of businesses in the hospitality industry. These innovative platforms are used by hoteliers, hotel marketing teams, and hotel managers who aim to reach their target audience more effectively, increase their direct bookings, personalize their guest experiences, and ultimately drive their revenue growth.

They achieve this by offering functionalities such as guest data management (check-in/check-out), loyalty programs, hotel website optimization, personalized communication channels, hotel brand marketing, chatbots, POS integrations, campaign management, and performance analytics, to name just a few. The overall goal is to simplify and improve the various aspects of hotel marketing, from attracting guests to nurturing relationships with them.

12 Hotel Marketing Software Overview

1. Cendyn - Best for driving direct revenue through data-driven marketing

Cedyn's Insight (Hotel Marketing Software) single customer dashboard
Cedyn's insight single customer dashboard sample

Why I Picked Cendyn:

Cendyn is an essential tool in the hotel marketing sphere, renowned for its robust features that focus on leveraging data for profit generation. I selected Cendyn specifically for its commitment to data-driven marketing that optimizes revenue channels. The tool stands out due to its unique ability to convert data into actionable insights that drive revenue - truly a game-changer in the market.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Cendyn offers robust hotel CRM solutions that help hotels leverage guest data to personalize experiences and drive direct revenue. The platform's insight CRM provides deep insights into guest behavior, which helps in crafting targeted campaigns. The software also provides seamless integrations with popular hotel PMS (Property Management Systems), booking engines, and other critical hospitality software, facilitating smooth data flow across various platforms.


Pricing starts from $200/user/month (billed annually), subject to additional costs based on the size and specific needs of the hotel.


  • Excellent data analysis capabilities
  • Wide range of integrations with other hotel software
  • Comprehensive CRM functionality


  • Pricing can be high for smaller establishments
  • The interface may require a learning curve
  • Customer service response times can be improved

2. SmartHost CRM - Best for managing guest relationships with AI-powered insights

SmartHost Hotel Marketing Software customer dashboard
SmartHost's customer dashboard

SmartHost CRM focuses on strengthening guest relationships through its AI-powered tools, which provide valuable insights for hoteliers. This software skillfully manages customer relationships, using AI to derive insights that fuel better guest interaction.

Why I Picked SmartHost CRM:

In my judgment, SmartHost CRM was a clear choice for this list due to its pioneering AI features that simplify relationship management. I was particularly impressed with its AI capabilities that extract insights to inform effective guest interaction strategies. The reason I deem SmartHost CRM best for managing guest relationships lies in its innovative use of AI to make relationship management more intuitive and effective.

Standout Features & Integrations:

SmartHost CRM comes packed with unique features like its AI-powered recommendation engine that provides smart suggestions based on guest behavior. It also features an easy-to-use interface, making guest relationship management simpler. The software integrates with a variety of PMS systems, hotel email marketing tools, and other hotel technologies, ensuring a consistent flow of data.


Pricing for SmartHost CRM starts at $99/user/month (billed annually), and it varies depending on the number of rooms and specific hotel needs.


  • Innovative use of AI for guest relationship management
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Effective integrations with various hotel technologies


  • Pricing might be high for smaller establishments
  • Limited third-party integrations compared to other CRMs
  • AI capabilities may require a learning curve for some users

3. For-Sight - Best for enhancing guest experience via tailored marketing communications

ForSight Hotel Marketing Software campaign report dashboard
ForSight's campaign report dashboard

For-Sight specializes in transforming the guest experience through personalized, targeted marketing communications. This tool enables hoteliers to create marketing campaigns that truly resonate with their guests.

Why I Picked For-Sight:

I chose For-Sight for its commitment to refining the guest experience through uniquely tailored marketing strategies. It stood out to me due to its capabilities in personalized communication, offering a different approach to enhancing the guest experience. The reason For-Sight gets my vote as the best tool for enhancing guest experience is its distinctive focus on personalized, insightful marketing communications that truly speak to the guest.

Standout Features & Integrations:

For-Sight’s Guest Engagement platform offers powerful segmentation capabilities, enabling personalized communications based on guest data. It also provides a robust email marketing tool for delivering these personalized messages. The software integrates effectively with a variety of property management systems, revenue management systems, and other key hotel software, ensuring a smooth data exchange process.

Pricing: Pricing for For-Sight begins at $150/user/month (billed annually), with additional costs based on the size and specific needs of the hotel.


  • Strong personalisation capabilities
  • Robust email marketing tool
  • Wide range of integrations with other key hotel software


  • Pricing may be prohibitive for smaller establishments
  • Interface could be more user-friendly
  • Customer service response times could be faster

4. GuestJoy - Best for upselling with engaging pre-stay guest communication

GuestJoy Hotel Marketing Software upselling, feedback and check-in feature
GuestJoy's upselling, feedback, and check-in feature

GuestJoy focuses on creating engaging communication with guests before their stay, which has proven effective for upselling. This tool enhances both hotel revenue and guest satisfaction by personalizing the guest journey from the get-go.

Why I Picked GuestJoy:

In my quest for the ideal marketing tools, GuestJoy caught my attention with its approach to pre-stay communication, which has proved to be a fantastic upselling strategy. Its emphasis on the pre-stay phase makes it different from many other tools on the market. I have determined GuestJoy to be the best for upselling through engaging pre-stay communication because of its dedication to tailoring the guest journey from the earliest possible moment.

Standout Features & Integrations:

GuestJoy's pre-stay upselling feature is truly unique, allowing hotels to offer room upgrades, special amenities, or extra services to guests even before their arrival. Also, its data-driven insights help hoteliers design more impactful guest communication. It integrates seamlessly with property management systems and booking engines, creating a smooth data exchange.


Pricing for GuestJoy starts from $89/user/month (billed annually). The cost can vary based on the size and specific requirements of the hotel.


  • Effective pre-stay communication for upselling
  • Data-driven insights for personalized guest communication
  • Good range of integrations with PMS and booking engines


  • The user interface might be slightly complex for beginners
  • Limited customer support during non-business hours
  • Extra costs for premium features can add up

5. Sojern - Best for leveraging programmatic advertising to attract guests

Sojern Hotel Marketing Software dashboard
Sojern's dashboard

Sojern is a powerful tool that helps hotels make the most of programmatic advertising to draw in potential guests. With its data-driven approach, it can efficiently target and reach audiences who are most likely to book your hotel.

Why I Picked Sojern:

Among the numerous hotel marketing tools I surveyed, Sojern stood out with its unique focus on programmatic advertising. This capability distinguishes Sojern from other platforms and offers a unique strategy for attracting guests. I selected it as the best for leveraging programmatic advertising due to its proven results in increasing direct bookings and enhancing guest reach.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Sojern excels at using real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying to attract potential guests effectively. It also provides data-driven insights that help hotels craft targeted marketing campaigns. Integrations with major booking platforms and property management systems ensure that it fits well within your hotel's existing software ecosystem.


Pricing for Sojern begins from $250/user/month, providing you with access to its powerful programmatic advertising tools.


  • Advanced programmatic advertising capabilities
  • Provides insightful data for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Comprehensive integration with booking platforms and PMSs


  • Pricing might be high for small hotels
  • Requires some digital marketing knowledge to make full use of features
  • Lack of in-depth customization options in reports

6. Marvia - Best for enabling brand consistency across hotel chains

Marvia hotel system campaign calendar dashboard
Marvia's campaign calendar dashboard

Marvia is a software tool that provides solutions for maintaining brand consistency across multiple locations. It's especially beneficial for hotel business chains looking to ensure uniform brand representation in their marketing campaigns and materials.

Why I Picked Marvia:

From the tools I compared, I determined Marvia to be exceptional in the realm of brand consistency. It is specifically designed to support businesses with multiple locations, such as hotel chains. I picked it as the best tool for enabling brand consistency due to its unique focus on localized marketing that stays true to the core brand values.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Marvia offers features like Digital Asset Management and Template Management, which are instrumental in maintaining brand consistency. It also provides Local Store Marketing tools, helping individual hotels to create location-specific marketing campaigns while adhering to the brand guidelines. Crucial integrations include various Content Management Systems and Design Software, reinforcing its role in brand-focused marketing.


Pricing for Marvia starts from $45/user/month, which offers access to its full suite of tools aimed at brand consistency.


  • Emphasis on maintaining brand consistency across locations
  • Useful features such as Template Management and Local Store Marketing
  • Effective integrations with CMSs and Design Software


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Pricing might be higher for smaller hotels with limited budgets
  • Might be too feature-rich for hotels needing simple solutions

7. Tambourine - Best for integrated hotel marketing and distribution solution

Tambourine digital marketing samples
Tambourine's digital marketing samples

Tambourine is a comprehensive hotel marketing and distribution solution that unifies a range of services to help hotels increase their online presence, bookings, and revenue. It offers integrated solutions that span website design, SEO, SEM, and social media, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a unified marketing approach.

Why I Picked Tambourine:

In my selection process, Tambourine stood out due to its holistic approach to hotel marketing. I picked it because it offers a comprehensive suite of services that covers the full spectrum of digital marketing needs. I consider it the best for integrated hotel marketing and distribution solutions due to its single platform offering for diverse marketing components.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Tambourine's primary features include omnichannel digital marketing, online distribution, hotel e-commerce, and data intelligence services. These features allow hoteliers to manage all their digital marketing and distribution efforts from one platform. In terms of integrations, Tambourine works well with various Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Reservation Systems (CRS), and Global Distribution Systems (GDS).


Tambourine operates on a custom pricing model. Therefore, hotels interested in their services should reach out directly for a quote.


  • One-stop solution for all digital marketing and distribution needs
  • Seamless integration with various PMS, CRS, and GDS
  • Expertise in the hotel industry providing relevant insights and services


  • Custom pricing model may not fit all budget sizes
  • Too comprehensive for hotels looking for specific solutions
  • The extensive range of services could lead to a steeper learning curve for new users

8. Experience - Best for personalized email campaigns and guest profiling

Experience Hotel Marketing Software AI-powered optimization sample
Experience AI-powered optimization

Experience offers tools that empower hotels to deliver personalized email campaigns based on detailed guest profiling. By leveraging data to understand guest preferences and behaviors, it excels in creating personalized marketing communications to enhance guest engagement and boost bookings.

Why I Picked Experience:

In the process of comparing various tools, I picked Experience because of its strong focus on data-driven personalization. It stands out due to its ability to use guest profiling to inform email marketing strategies. I think it is "Best for personalized email campaigns and guest profiling" because of its comprehensive, data-oriented approach that enables deep customer understanding and targeted marketing.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Experience offers features like guest profiling, email marketing automation, and customer journey mapping. These tools allow businesses to design, automate, and manage personalized campaigns effectively. As for integrations, Experience is compatible with several CRM and PMS solutions, making it easy to sync guest data across different platforms.


Pricing for Experience is not publicly available and would require contacting the company directly for a personalized quote.


  • Detailed guest profiling aids in personalizing communication
  • Strong email marketing features
  • Wide range of integrations with CRM and PMS solutions


  • Lack of transparent pricing can complicate budget planning
  • High level of features might not be necessary for smaller hotels
  • Dependency on guest data quality for effective personalization

9. Netcore - Best for enhancing guest engagement via multi-channel campaigns

Netcore's hotel software drag-and-drop feature
Netcore's drag-and-drop feature

Netcore is a marketing automation platform that helps hotels streamline and optimize multi-channel marketing campaigns. Its ability to integrate various communication channels, like email, social media, and mobile apps, makes it ideal for creating cohesive guest engagement strategies.

Why I Picked Netcore:

When selecting this tool, I was impressed by Netcore's multi-channel marketing capabilities and its emphasis on customer engagement. Its ability to harmonize campaigns across different channels differentiates it from other tools. I chose it as the "Best for enhancing guest engagement via multi-channel campaigns" due to its comprehensive feature set that enables a unified guest communication strategy.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Netcore provides features such as email marketing automation, social media integration, and in-app messaging. These features allow businesses to create seamless, engaging experiences across all customer touchpoints. For integrations, Netcore works with popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and data analytics tools, which simplifies data management and campaign execution.


Pricing for Netcore begins at $250/user/month. Please note that this is the starting price and the final cost will depend on your specific requirements.


  • Multi-channel marketing capabilities enhance customer engagement
  • Wide range of integrations with popular platforms
  • Advanced automation tools for efficient campaign management


  • Pricing may be high for small businesses
  • The vast feature set could be overwhelming for beginners
  • The effectiveness of campaigns is heavily reliant on strategic planning and execution

10. Bookboost - Best for driving direct bookings through guest messaging

Bookboost hotel marketing software dashboard
Bookboost's dashboard

Bookboost is a hotel marketing tool specifically designed to drive direct bookings by engaging potential guests through personalized messaging. Its unique focus on guest communication sets it apart in the market, aligning it perfectly with the goal of encouraging more direct bookings.

Why I Picked Bookboost:

I selected Bookboost due to its emphasis on guest messaging as a pathway to increasing direct bookings. The tool's standout attribute is its integrated messaging platform that allows hotels to connect with guests in a more personalized manner. This feature played a pivotal role in my judging it as the best for driving direct bookings through guest messaging.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Bookboost’s key features include its unified inbox, which collects all guest communications in one place, and its customizable auto-responses, which provide quick answers to common guest inquiries. The platform integrates well with popular Property Management Systems (PMS), which is crucial for maintaining real-time room availability and pricing data.


Bookboost offers pricing from $50/user/month. This is the starting price and actual costs may vary based on specific needs and the scale of operations.


  • Direct messaging with potential guests enhances booking rates
  • Integrated with major Property Management Systems
  • Personalized auto-responses for efficiency


  • Relatively high starting price may be prohibitive for small establishments
  • Requires active management to fully leverage its potential
  • The learning curve for utilizing all its features effectively

11. Kipsu - Best for real-time digital communication with guests

Kipsu hotel marketing report
Kipsu's report sample

Kipsu is a customer-centric tool that primarily focuses on real-time digital communication with guests. It enables hotels to elevate their service quality by fostering direct, personalized conversations with guests, making it a perfect choice for real-time communication.

Why I Picked Kipsu:

In deciding which tool to include for real-time communication, I chose Kipsu for its extensive messaging capabilities and compatibility with various digital platforms. What differentiates Kipsu is its emphasis on facilitating immediate, direct interactions between hotel staff and guests, which I believe makes it the best for real-time guest communication.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Among Kipsu's most useful features are its multi-channel messaging capabilities, enabling staff to interact with guests via SMS, in-app messaging, social media platforms, and more. Additionally, its robust integrations with various Property Management Systems (PMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms ensure seamless information flow and efficient communication.


Pricing for Kipsu starts at $100/user/month. This starting price varies based on the number of users and the extent of integration required with other platforms.


  • Multi-channel messaging facilitates real-time communication
  • Robust integrations with PMS and CRM platforms
  • Enhances customer service through immediate responses


  • Pricing might be steep for smaller operations
  • Requires an active, well-trained staff for effective use
  • Some features may be redundant if the hotel already uses a comprehensive CRM system

12. Thynk - Best for utilizing AI and analytics to understand guest preferences

Thynk hotel marketing software dashboard
Thynk's dashboard

Thynk is a potent tool that leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to provide an in-depth understanding of guest preferences. It processes large amounts of data to produce actionable insights, thereby equipping hotels to deliver highly personalized experiences, which is why it is the best choice for understanding guest preferences.

Why I Picked Thynk:

I selected Thynk for this list due to its exceptional capacity to process and interpret voluminous data with AI and analytics. Its unique ability to provide actionable insights that can significantly enhance guest experiences makes it stand out. These traits, combined with the tool's innovative use of AI, make it the top choice for understanding and catering to guest preferences.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Thynk's ability to deliver personalized guest experiences using AI and big data analytics is one of its most commendable features. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various hotel management systems, including CRM and PMS, which provides a cohesive data analysis platform.


Thynk's pricing starts from $150/user/month (billed annually). This initial price depends on the extent of data processing and the level of integration required with existing systems.


  • Extensive use of AI and analytics for understanding guest preferences
  • Robust integration capabilities with various hotel management systems
  • Provides actionable insights for personalized guest experiences


  • Higher starting price can be a barrier for small businesses
  • May require technical expertise for maximum utilization
  • Dependence on the quality of data for accurate insights

Other Hotel Marketing Software

Below is a list of additional hotel marketing software that we shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. Revinate - Good for managing online reputation and boosting direct bookings
  2. Claravine - Good for improving digital campaign performance with data standardization
  3. Profitroom - Good for optimizing direct sales through tailored offers
  4. TrustYou - Good for gathering and analyzing guest feedback to enhance reputation
  5. Fluency - Good for automating marketing processes with AI-driven solutions

Selection Criteria for Hotel Marketing Software

When choosing hotel marketing software, the right choice can profoundly impact hotel marketing software, the right choice can have a profound impact on your business's efficiency, guest engagement, and ultimately, profitability. I've tested and researched dozens of these tools, paying close attention to the specifics that make a difference in the hotel industry. Below are the metrics that I believe are most crucial when making your selection:

Core Functionality

  • Ability to manage and analyze online reputation: This includes gathering and responding to guest reviews across various platforms.
  • Multichannel marketing campaign management: The tool should facilitate planning, executing, and tracking marketing efforts across multiple channels such as email, TripAdvisor social media, and mobile.
  • Booking optimization: It should assist in converting potential guests into direct bookings, thus minimizing the reliance on third-party booking sites.

Key Features

  • Guest profiling and segmentation: These features allow you to understand your guests better, thus personalizing their experience and marketing communications.
  • Data analytics: Real-time reporting and analysis capabilities to measure the success of campaigns and strategies.
  • Integration capabilities: The software should be able to integrate seamlessly with other hotel management systems for efficient data exchange and workflow.


  • User-friendly interface: Hoteliers often juggle multiple responsibilities, so the software should have an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate and use.
  • Customer loyalty: Reliable customer support is essential for resolving any issues quickly and ensuring the smooth operation of the software.
  • Training resources: Due to the complexity of some functions, the software should provide comprehensive learning resources like tutorials, webinars, or user manuals to help users understand the platform and its features better.

People Also Ask

What are the benefits of using hotel marketing software?

Hotel marketing software offers numerous advantages, including the ability to manage online reputation, conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns, optimize bookings, understand guest profiles, and measure the success of campaigns through data analytics. These features collectively help hoteliers increase guest engagement, improve the guest experience, and boost their bottom line.

How much do hotel marketing software tools cost?

The cost of hotel marketing software varies greatly depending on the features, number of users, and the specific needs of your hotel. The pricing models are typically subscription-based, charged either monthly or annually.

What are the pricing models for hotel marketing software?

Most hotel marketing software operate on a subscription model. The price depends on the number of users and sometimes the size of the property. These subscriptions are usually billed monthly or annually. Some vendors may also offer tiered pricing plans where more advanced features and capabilities come at a higher cost.

What is the typical range of pricing for hotel marketing software?

The price can range from as low as $20 per user per month for basic functionality to over $500 per user per month for more advanced systems with comprehensive features. It's important to note that many providers require you to contact them directly for a custom quote.

What is the cheapest and most expensive hotel marketing software?

The cheapest software can start as low as $20 per user per month, while the more comprehensive solutions with extensive features can cost over $500 per user per month. However, these prices can vary significantly based on the specific needs and size of your hotel.

Are there any free hotel marketing software options?

Free options are quite rare in this industry due to the complexity and specificity of the features required. However, some providers might offer a free trial period to let you test the platform before making a decision. Always make sure to thoroughly evaluate the tool during the trial period to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing.


In conclusion, selecting the best hotel marketing software involves considering the specific needs of your hotel, its size, and your budget. First, prioritize core functionality such as reputation management, multi-channel marketing, and data analytics.

Second, assess key features that meet your specific use case, such as guest profiling, direct booking optimization, and personalized campaign capabilities.

Lastly, evaluate usability in terms of interface, ease of onboarding, and the quality of potential customer support provided. Remember, pricing varies greatly, so it's important to identify a solution that provides the right balance between cost and functionality.

Whether you are a small boutique hotel, vacation rentals, or a large chain, the right marketing software can significantly improve your guest engagement and enhance your overall marketing strategy.

What Do You Think?

We've tried to compile a comprehensive list of the best hotel marketing software available, but we're aware there are many great tools out there. If you've had a great experience with a tool that isn't on our list, we'd love to hear about it.

Please feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section below. Your input could greatly help others in their quest for the perfect hotel marketing software.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.