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12 Best Spa Software

After extensive analysis, I've curated a list of the top 12 spa software solutions. Each is chosen for their ability to address your business challenges with aplomb!

  1. Fresha - Best for robust booking functionality and seamless client interactions
  2. Mindbody Business - Best for comprehensive business management features in a spa-centric package
  3. Wellness Living - Best for integrated marketing tools to boost your spa's visibility
  4. Book4Time - Best for large-scale spa operations seeking streamlined workflows
  5. Boulevard - Best for high-end salons and spas aiming for an upscale client experience
  6. AestheticsPro - Best for medical spas requiring specialized client and treatment tracking
  7. Repeat MD - Best for automated customer retention strategies in aesthetic clinics
  8. DaySmart - Best for versatile software that adapts to both salon and spa environments
  9. Zenoti - Best for AI-powered analytics to make informed business decisions
  10. Mangomint - Best for simplified operations through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces
  11. Phorest - Best for loyalty programs designed to improve customer retention
  12. Meevo - Best for comprehensive inventory management in bustling spa environments

As a spa owner or manager, you need tools that truly comprehend your day-to-day operations, right? I've been there, navigating through the complexities of running a spa. I understand that you need software that doesn't just schedule appointments but also manages your entire operation, creating a harmonious workflow that elevates your business and customer experience.

With the right spa software, you gain the advantage of automation. Think seamless scheduling, inventory management, customer relationship management, point-of-sale services, and even detailed business analytics. These features are crucial to running a modern spa business efficiently. Dive into this carefully curated list of the 12 best spa software, and you'll find the perfect solution that resonates with your unique business needs.

What Is a Spa Software?

Spa software is a specialized digital tool designed to streamline and automate the administrative and operational tasks in a spa or salon business. Spa owners, managers, and staff use this software to seamlessly schedule appointments, manage client relationships, track inventory, handle billing, and oversee overall business performance.

Beyond simplifying daily tasks, spa software also provides robust analytics and reporting, helping businesses and service providers make data-driven decisions to enhance their services, improve customer satisfaction, and boost profitability.

12 Best Spa Software Overviews

1. Fresha - Best for robust booking functionality and seamless client interactions

Fresha spa software interface
Fresha's booking feature

Fresha is a comprehensive spa software solution renowned for its booking prowess. This platform offers a complete suite of spa management features, but it's the robust booking functionality that takes center stage, making it a boon for businesses prioritizing seamless client interactions.

Why I Picked Fresha:

I selected Fresha for its top-tier appointment management. This spa booking software excels in facilitating a smooth client booking experience, which, in my opinion, sets it apart from many other platforms. Its focus on streamlining client interactions makes it the ideal choice for businesses that aim to minimize booking-related hiccups and enhance their customer journey.

What Do You Get for Free?

Fresha offers an impressive free version that includes unlimited services, staff members, appointments, and clients. While it does lack some of the more advanced features of paid plans, the free tier is surprisingly robust and is an excellent starting point for small spas looking to digitize their operations.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Fresha brings a gamut of useful features to the table, including appointment scheduling, inventory management, point-of-sale, and insightful business reports. Its unique no-show protection feature is particularly beneficial, allowing businesses to secure deposits and payments upfront. Furthermore, Fresha integrates well with platforms like Google Calendar, ensuring seamless calendar management across different systems.


Pricing for Fresha's paid plans starts at $20/month (billed annually). This provides access to advanced features like automated marketing tools, detailed reports, and priority support.


  • Outstanding booking functionality
  • Comprehensive free plan
  • Integrates with Google Calendar for seamless scheduling


  • Advanced features available only in the paid plan
  • Might be overkill for very small spas
  • Lacks industry-specific financial reporting

2. Mindbody Business - Best for comprehensive business management features in a spa-centric package

MindBody Business spa software interface
MindBody Business' dashboard

Mindbody Business is a cloud-based management software specifically designed for the wellness industry, including spas. Its strength lies in providing an all-encompassing platform that addresses multiple facets of spa business operations.

Why I Picked Mindbody Business:

I included Mindbody Business in this list for its impressively broad range of features. What makes it stand out is its comprehensive approach to spa management, which sets it apart from competitors. I believe it earns its "best for" statement because it delivers an entire toolkit specifically tailored to spas, making it a natural choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution.

What Do You Get for Free?

Mindbody Business does not offer a free tier, but it does provide a free trial period. The trial allows prospective users to test the software's features and usability before making a purchase decision.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Mindbody Business shines with features like online appointment, marketing tools, point-of-sale, staff resources, and comprehensive reporting. The platform's integrations are equally impressive. With integrations like Xero for accounting, ClassPass for added exposure, and Google and Microsoft Outlook for syncing calendars, Mindbody Business works well with an array of business tools.


Mindbody Business pricing begins from $129/user/month, making it a more premium choice. This price covers the basic plan, with advanced features available in higher tiers.


  • Wide range of business management features
  • Numerous integrations with other business tools
  • Offers a free trial period


  • Higher starting price compared to other platforms
  • No free plan available
  • Some features may be overly complex for smaller businesses

3. Wellness Living - Best for integrated marketing tools to boost your spa's visibility

Wellness Living spa software interface
Wellness Living's calendar view

Wellness Living is a versatile spa software platform equipped with a wide array of management features. It distinguishes itself with its integrated marketing tools, designed to elevate the visibility of your spa in the competitive wellness industry.

Why I Picked Wellness Living:

I chose Wellness Living for its marketing-focused approach to spa management. Its dedication to helping spas enhance their visibility gives it a unique edge in the market. Given its robust marketing tools, I believe Wellness Living is "best for" spas aiming to increase their reach and attract new clients and a larger client base.

What Do You Get for Free?

Wellness Living doesn't offer a free plan, but it does provide a free demo for prospective customers. The demo is a useful way to explore the platform's features and determine its fit for your spa.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Wellness Living's feature set spans online booking, client and staff management, point-of-sale, and detailed reporting. However, its standout offerings are integrated referral and marketing tools, such as email/SMS marketing campaigns and reward programs. In terms of integrations, Wellness Living syncs with platforms like Google Calendar, Zoom, and Mailchimp, bolstering its functionality.


Pricing for Wellness Living starts at $39/user/month. This entry-level cost covers the basic set of features, with additional tools available in premium plans.


  • Extensive marketing tools for increased visibility
  • Wide array of management features
  • Useful integrations with popular platforms


  • No free plan offered, only a demo
  • Advanced features require more expensive plans
  • Interface may be complex for first-time users

4. Book4Time - Best for large-scale spa operations seeking streamlined workflows

Book4Time spa software interface
Book4Time's dashboard

Book4Time serves as a comprehensive spa management system, primarily catering to large-scale operations. It's designed to streamline every facet of your spa business, reinforcing its appeal to high-volume entities.

Why I Picked Book4Time:

I selected Book4Time for its dedicated focus on large-scale spa operations. It manages to stand out by offering tools that simplify and streamline intricate workflows, particularly those common in high-volume businesses. In my judgment, Book4Time is "best for" large spas aiming to improve their operational efficiency.

What Do You Get for Free?

Book4Time doesn't have a free plan or free trial on offer. However, they do provide a complimentary demo that lets you explore the software's functionalities and determine whether it matches your business needs.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Book4Time offers robust features like booking management, staff scheduling, revenue tracking, and extensive reporting. A standout feature is its multi-location support, a godsend for large-scale operations. In terms of integrations, Book4Time connects with key systems like CRM, POS, and payroll software, supporting a cohesive business ecosystem.


Pricing details for Book4Time aren't publicly available. You need to contact the company directly for a quote, as costs typically depend on your specific needs and the scale of your operations.


  • Tailored to large-scale spa operations
  • Features geared towards streamlining complex workflows
  • Seamless integration with important business systems


  • No free plan or trial available
  • Pricing details aren't transparent
  • May be more than small-scale spas need or can afford

5. Boulevard - Best for high-end salons and spas aiming for an upscale client experience

Boulevard spa software interface
Boulevard's dashboard

Boulevard is a spa management software designed with high-end salons and spas in mind. Its features are tailored to provide an upscale client experience, making it a fitting tool for businesses that prioritize luxury and exceptional service.

Why I Picked Boulevard:

I chose Boulevard because it caters specifically to high-end businesses, which sets it apart from other spa software. The attention it pays to the upscale experience resonates with luxury salons & spas, and that's why I believe it's "best for" businesses that aim to offer an exceptional, premium service.

What Do You Get for Free?

Boulevard does not offer a free tier or trial. However, they do provide a free demo to potential users who want to understand the platform and its features before making a commitment.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Boulevard shines with its client-centric features such as advanced booking options, personalized client profiles, and automated communication. It also boasts a dynamic inventory management system, a key component for high-end spas. Boulevard integrates smoothly with major payment platforms, accounting software, and marketing tools, ensuring a cohesive operational experience.


Boulevard's pricing is not publicly listed and varies depending on the size and needs of your spa. You'll need to reach out to the Boulevard team for a custom quote.


  • Tailored for high-end spas and salons
  • Client-centric features enhance upscale service experience
  • Robust integrations with key business tools


  • No free trial or plan
  • Lack of transparency in pricing
  • May not be cost-effective for small or mid-sized spas

6. AestheticsPro - Best for medical spas requiring specialized client and treatment tracking

AestheticPro spa software interface
AestheticPro's dashboard

AestheticsPro is a spa management software tailored for the unique needs of medical spas. Its robust KPIs features for client management and treatment tracking align well with the specialized requirements of these kinds of spas.

Why I Picked AestheticsPro:

I picked AestheticsPro because of its niche focus on medical spas. It's a tool that understands the metric needs of these businesses, especially around client health information and treatment progress tracking. This specialization sets it apart from other spa management tools, justifying its position as "best for" medical spas that need specialized client and treatment tracking.

What Do You Get for Free?

AestheticsPro does not offer a free plan, but they do offer a free trial for those interested in exploring their software before committing. This trial has limited features but gives you a basic understanding of the platform.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of AestheticsPro include electronic medical records, appointment scheduling, and photo management. The software also allows for comprehensive reporting and inventory management. It integrates with common platforms like QuickBooks, making it easier to manage financials.


Pricing for AestheticsPro starts from $149/user/month, billed annually. This price includes the software license and training support.


  • Focused on medical spas' specific needs
  • Comprehensive reporting and management features
  • Integrates with popular platforms like QuickBooks


  • High starting price may not be suitable for smaller businesses
  • Free trial has limited features
  • Pricing structure requires annual commitment

7. Repeat MD - Best for automated customer retention strategies in aesthetic clinics

Repeat MD spa software interface
Repeat MD's app

Repeat MD is a tool designed to bolster customer retention in aesthetic clinics. Its primary function is to automate the process of maintaining and growing client relationships, which aligns perfectly with aesthetic clinics that need robust customer retention strategies.

Why I Picked Repeat MD:

I chose Repeat MD for this list because it offers a unique blend of automation and client relationship management that is highly valuable for aesthetic clinics. What differentiates Repeat MD from other tools is its focus on automation, allowing businesses to manage their customer retention strategies more efficiently. This is why I find it best for aesthetic clinics looking for an automated approach to customer retention.

What Do You Get for Free?

Repeat MD does not have a free plan or trial available. The full features of the software are available only upon purchase.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Repeat MD comes equipped with a wide array of features, including automated marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and detailed analytics. Its ability to integrate with various payment processors and marketing platforms enhances its functionality and ease of use.


The pricing for Repeat MD starts at $200/user/month. Pricing details beyond the starting price are provided upon request, making it important for businesses to consider their specific needs when evaluating the tool.


  • Specializes in customer retention strategies for aesthetic clinics
  • Wide range of features, including CRM and detailed analytics
  • Allows integrations with various payment processors and marketing platforms


  • Does not offer a free plan or trial
  • Pricing might be steep for smaller businesses
  • Further pricing details require direct contact, which can be inconvenient

8. DaySmart - Best for versatile software that adapts to both salon and spa environments

DaySmart spa software interface
DaySmart's reservation dashboard

DaySmart is a dynamic software that serves both salon and spa settings effectively. With a suite of robust features, it provides everything from appointment scheduling to client relationship management. Its inherent versatility makes it particularly suitable for businesses operating in both salon and spa environments.

Why I Picked DaySmart:

DaySmart made it onto this list because of its adaptability and comprehensive offerings. This tool stands out due to its versatility and breadth of features, which can effectively cater to the varying needs of salons and spas alike. Consequently, I consider DaySmart best suited for businesses seeking software that can seamlessly adapt between salon and spa environments.

What Do You Get for Free?

DaySmart offers a free trial that allows users to explore its full suite of features for a limited period. However, it does not have a free tier and full usage requires a paid subscription.

Standout Features & Integrations:

DaySmart shines with its extensive range of features that include appointment scheduling, client management, inventory tracking, and employee management. Furthermore, it integrates well with other platforms such as social media channels and email services, which enhances its utility.


Pricing for DaySmart begins at $29/user/month. This is the starting price for the basic package, with additional features and capabilities available in higher-priced tiers.


  • Highly versatile software that can serve both salon & spa businesses
  • Offers a broad range of features
  • Allows integrations with various platforms


  • No permanent free tier, only a trial period
  • The sheer number of features may overwhelm some users
  • More advanced features are only available in higher-priced tiers

9. Zenoti - Best for AI-powered analytics to make informed business decisions

Zenoti spa software interface
Zenoti's appointment dashboard

Zenoti is a cloud-based spa and salon management software that harnesses the power of AI to provide in-depth analytics. This aids wellness businesses in making data-driven decisions that help streamline operations and increase profitability. Given the tool's prowess in AI-powered analytics, Zenoti is ideal for businesses desiring to make informed decisions based on actionable insights.

Why I Picked Zenoti:

I selected Zenoti for this list because of its unique blend of advanced features, especially its AI-powered analytics. The ability to make data-backed business decisions sets Zenoti apart from many other similar tools. As such, I believe Zenoti is the top pick for businesses that seek to leverage AI for decision-making processes and strategic planning.

What Do You Get for Free?

Zenoti does not have a free version but it does offer a free demo which potential users can use to explore the features and assess their potential fit with business needs.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Zenoti boasts an array of powerful features such as online booking, employee management, and inventory management. However, its AI-powered analytics are arguably the most beneficial, offering insights into business operations that can drive growth. It also integrates well with various payment processors, CRM software, and other essential business tools.


Zenoti does not openly provide a detailed pricing structure. Therefore, it's recommended to contact the company directly for exact figures. This approach allows the company to provide a tailored solution based on specific business needs.


  • Provides AI-powered analytics for informed decision making
  • Offers a comprehensive suite of features
  • Allows integration with various essential business tools


  • No free version available, only a free demo
  • Pricing details are not openly available, which can make budget planning challenging
  • The range of advanced features might have a steep learning curve for some users

10. Mangomint - Best for simplified operations through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces

Mangomint spa software interface
Mangomint's reservation dashboard

Mangomint is a salon and spa management software with an emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness. The software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage appointments, payments, and inventory, among other tasks. Its intuitiveness makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need straightforward, easy-to-navigate software.

Why I Picked Mangomint:

In choosing software for this list, I selected Mangomint for its exceptional user-friendly interface and streamlined operations. It stands out due to the simplicity it offers without compromising on the depth of features. This combination makes it a powerful tool, especially for businesses that value ease of use and want to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

What Do You Get for Free?

Mangomint doesn’t offer a free tier, but a free demo is available for users who want to get a feel for the software's features and interface before committing to a paid plan.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Mangomint comes with key features like appointment scheduling, payment processing, and inventory management. It also integrates seamlessly with popular payment processors and marketing tools, providing a well-rounded software solution for spas and salons.


Pricing for Mangomint starts at $29/user/month. It's important to note that this is a starting price, and the cost can vary depending on the specific needs and size of your business.


  • Exceptionally user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive suite of features for spa and salon management
  • Seamless integration with other essential business tools


  • No free version, only a free demo
  • The simplified interface might lack advanced customizations for more complex operations
  • Pricing could be a little steep for smaller businesses or startups

11. Phorest - Best for loyalty programs designed to improve customer retention

Phorest spa software interface
Phorest's dashboard

Phorest is a salon software solution that provides tools for appointment booking, point of sale, digital consultations, and more. Its distinct advantage is the unique loyalty program feature, specifically designed to bolster customer retention, making it the go-to tool for salons seeking to foster client loyalty.

Why I Picked Phorest:

I selected Phorest for this list because of its impressive focus on client retention. The innovative loyalty program feature differentiates it from other software solutions. In my judgment, this emphasis on customer loyalty and retention aligns with the unique selling point of this tool.

What Do You Get for Free?

Phorest doesn't offer a completely free tier, but it does provide a free demo for prospective users to understand the platform's offerings and see its user interface.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Phorest shines with its membership and loyalty program feature, appointment scheduling, and digital consultation capabilities. The software integrates smoothly with various payment processing tools and email marketing services, enhancing its overall utility.


The pricing for Phorest starts at $109/user/month. This is the entry-level price, and the final cost could be higher based on the size and specific needs of your business.


  • Specialized loyalty program to enhance customer retention
  • Seamless integration with essential business tools
  • Comprehensive suite of features for salon management


  • No free tier available, only a free demo
  • The starting price might be steep for smaller businesses
  • Complexity could be daunting for users seeking simplicity

12. Meevo - Best for comprehensive inventory management in bustling spa environments

Meevo spa software interface
Meevo's Front Desk feature

Meevo is a dynamic spa management software that combines core business functions like scheduling, marketing, and particularly robust inventory management. The latter is its standout feature, catering effectively to the demands of high-traffic spa environments and hence earning its status as the best for this scenario.

Why I Picked Meevo:

I chose Meevo for this list because of its superior inventory management capabilities. In comparing different platforms, the breadth and depth of Meevo's inventory management tools were unmatched. This element gives Meevo a distinct advantage and is why I have positioned it as the best choice for bustling spa environments.

What Do You Get for Free?

Meevo does not provide a free tier. However, they do offer a free demo so potential users can explore and understand the platform's capabilities before making a commitment.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Meevo's robust inventory management system, combined with its strong appointment booking system and client management features, are the hallmarks of this platform. The software integrates with popular payment gateways (debit or credit card purchases), email marketing tools, and various other platforms, expanding its overall functionality.


Meevo's pricing starts from $97/user/month. This is the lowest price for a paid plan, with higher tiers offering additional features and functionality.


  • Exceptional inventory management capabilities
  • Integrations with a range of commonly used platforms
  • Extensive features for spa management


  • No free tier, only a free demo
  • Starting price may be high for smaller establishments
  • The interface may take time to navigate due to the breadth of features

Other Spa Software

Below is a list of additional spa software that we shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. SpaSoft - Good for detailed client records and history management
  2. HelmBot - Good for customizable functionality catering to varied spa requirements
  3. ClinicSense - Good for simplifying day-to-day operations with automatic reminders
  4. TouchMD - Good for enhancing customer engagement with visual consultations and educational content

Selection Criteria for Spa Software

When choosing the right spa software, you need to ensure it meets your specific needs while providing an efficient and intuitive experience for both your staff and customers. As someone who's evaluated and tested dozens of spa software tools, I've honed in on several key criteria that are essential for making an informed decision. In this case, I was really looking for advanced inventory management, ease of use, and effective customer management, which I'll delve into below.

Core Functionality

  • Appointment scheduling: The tool should allow staff and clients to easily book appointments and manage appointments.
  • Client database: A built-in client database for storing important client information is a must.
  • Inventory management: The ability to track and manage spa inventory effectively is crucial.

Key Features

  • Automated reminders: These keep clients informed about their upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.
  • Integrated POS system: Streamlines the billing and check-in and checkout process.
  • Loyalty program: A feature that helps to retain customers by rewarding them with gift cards for their loyalty.


  • Easy Onboarding: For a spa software to be effective, it should have a smooth onboarding process. This could include step-by-step guides or tooltips.
  • Intuitive Interface: The software should have a clean, user-friendly interface. For example, the appointment scheduling calendar should be easy to navigate, with a clear view of available and booked slots.
  • Comprehensive Support: The tool should have a responsive customer support team that can be reached via multiple channels such as email, live chat, or iOS/Android phone. It's even better if they offer on-demand training materials like video tutorials or webinars.

Most Common Questions Regarding Spa Software

What are the benefits of using spa software?

Spa software provides numerous benefits, including streamlined spa scheduling software, efficient inventory management, mobile app, comprehensive customer data management, website widget, automated appointment reminder and confirmation notifications, and integration with POS systems for easy billing. These tools often also include loyalty program features that can help improve customer retention.

How much does spa software typically cost?

The cost of spa software can vary greatly based on the features, the size of your business, and the specific needs you have. Prices can range anywhere from $10/user/month to hundreds of dollars per month for more comprehensive, enterprise-level solutions.

What are the common pricing models for spa software?

Many spa software providers use a per-user, per-month pricing model. Some others might charge a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of users. And others yet might offer tiered pricing based on the level of functionality you require.

Which spa software is the most expensive?

More comprehensive systems like Zenoti, which include a wide range of advanced features such as AI-powered analytics, can be on the higher end of the pricing scale.

Which spa software is the least expensive?

On the other end, spa software like Mangomint, known for its user-friendly interface and simplified operations, can be more affordable and offer a better fit for smaller businesses or those with a tighter budget.

Are there any free options available in spa software?

While most spa software comes with a cost, some providers might offer limited free versions or trials of their product. However, these are usually very basic and may not provide all the functionality required to fully manage a spa.

Is it worth investing in spa software?

Yes, if you're running a spa, software specifically designed for this industry can greatly improve your overall operations. It can help streamline scheduling, inventory management, and customer data handling, thereby saving you time and potentially increasing your profits.

What should I look for when choosing a spa software?

When choosing spa software, consider the size of your business and what features are most important to you. Core functionalities like appointment scheduling, inventory management, and a client database are crucial. Also, consider the user experience, including how easy it is to onboard new staff and the quality of customer support provided by the software company.


In conclusion, selecting the right spa software depends significantly on the specific needs of your business. There are a wide variety of tools available, each with their unique strengths that cater to different aspects of spa management, from scheduling and inventory management to customer retention and comprehensive analytics.

  1. Define your needs. Identify the core functionalities and key features you require from spa software. This can range from appointment scheduling and inventory management to customer retention programs or comprehensive reporting.
  2. Consider usability. Look for software that offers a good user experience, including an intuitive interface, easy onboarding, and responsive customer support. The software should align well with your business workflows and be easy for your team to use.
  3. Understand pricing. Spa software can come in various pricing models. Some charge per user, per month, while others might have a flat monthly fee. Always consider your budget and ensure that the tool you select gives you the best value for your investment.

What Do you think?

We've tried to compile the most comprehensive list of spa software tools, but we understand that there might be some hidden gems we may have missed. If you know of a tool that you think deserves to be on this list, we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop us a line and share your recommendations.

Cory Masters
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