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Having spent decades immersed in hotel tech, I understand what matters when choosing the right establishment. My aim here is to provide a clear, comprehensive SevenRooms review. Trust that by the end, you'll have the insight you need to determine if this hotel aligns with your expectations.

SevenRooms review featuring software application view from different devices
This is a screenshot from SevenRooms' guest experience and retention platform view from different devices.

SevenRooms Software Product Overview

SevenRooms is a comprehensive SaaS-based retention platform designed to enhance profitability for hospitality groups by streamlining operations, from guest data, and the reservation system to waitlist management, including Bloomin’ Brands, and MGM Resort. Catering primarily to hospitality operators, this all-in-one solution promises exceptional experiences for guests, fostering direct relationships that drive revenue.

By leveraging features like marketing automation, online ordering, and a detailed guest journey map, it addresses the challenges of disjointed guest engagement and inefficient operational flow. Notable attributes encompass its robust support team, easily accessible via the phone number, making a frequented platform for hospitality professionals to write a review on sevenrooms reviews or explore sevenrooms alternatives.


  • Intuitive Guest Profiling: It offers a detailed view of each guest's preferences, enhancing their stay with personalized services.
  • Detailed Analytics: The tool offers in-depth insights into guest behavior, helping hoteliers make informed decisions.
  • Streamlined Booking: Its booking system is efficient, reducing hiccups and improving guest satisfaction.


  • Limited Integrations: Some popular third-party applications are not compatible, making data transfer less fluid.
  • Steep Learning Curve: While comprehensive, it can be challenging for newcomers to grasp all functionalities quickly.
  • Less Customizable: Compared to some competitors, its features are not as adaptable to specific hotel needs.

Expert Opinion

In the vast realm of hotel technology practice management platforms, SevenRooms review holds its ground. Through my lens of experience, it scores high in terms of functionality and support. Its interface is user-friendly, though some may argue about its steep learning curve. When it comes to integrations, it could offer a broader range.

Onboarding is relatively smooth, and the specifications meet most hoteliers' needs. For those who prioritize deep guest insights and efficient booking, SevenRooms is a fitting choice. However, if customization and wide-ranging integrations top your list, you might need to weigh other options.

SevenRooms: The Bottom Line

What truly sets SevenRooms review apart is its emphasis on guest profiling, giving hoteliers a unique advantage in tailoring experiences. This is something not every tool on the market offers with such precision.

Additionally, its analytics feature provides robust insights, which can significantly impact decision-making in the hospitality world. While some areas require enhancements, the platform's dedication to refining guest experiences is notably commendable.

SevenRooms Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into SevenRooms features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Guest profiling - Yes
  2. Detailed analytics - Yes
  3. Streamlined booking system - Yes
  4. Revenue management - Yes
  5. Housekeeping management - No
  6. Front desk operations - Yes
  7. Point of sale integration - Yes
  8. Customer feedback system - Yes
  9. Loyalty program management - Yes
  10. Event and banquet management - Yes
  11. Mobile access for staff - Yes
  12. CRM integration - Yes
  13. Employee scheduling - Yes
  14. Task management - Yes
  15. Invoice and billing system - Yes
  16. Third-party channel manager - No
  17. Email marketing tools - Yes
  18. Direct website bookings - Yes
  19. Inventory management - Yes
  20. Multi-property management - No
  21. Maintenance management - No
  22. Digital check-in/check-out - Yes
  23. Virtual concierge - No
  24. Rate comparison tools - Yes
  25. Payment processing - Yes

SevenRooms Feature Overview

  1. Guest Profiling: This offers hoteliers a detailed understanding of guests' preferences, enabling personalized experiences that drive loyalty.
  2. Detailed Analytics: Hoteliers can access granular insights on guest behavior, enabling informed decisions that enhance operations.
  3. Streamlined Booking System: Reduces friction in the booking process, offering guests an uncomplicated experience.
  4. Revenue Management: Optimizes room prices based on demand and competitor rates.
  5. Front Desk Operations: Enhances the efficiency of front desk tasks like check-ins, ensuring smooth guest experiences.
  6. Point of Sale Integration: Streamlines payments and integrates with other hotel services for cohesive billing.
  7. Customer Feedback System: This enables hotels to gather feedback directly and refine their services accordingly.
  8. Loyalty Program Management: Encourages repeat visits by rewarding loyal guests.
  9. Event and Banquet Management: Simplifies the management of larger events or banquets held at the hotel.
  10. Direct Website Bookings: Promotes bookings directly through the hotel's site, circumventing commission fees from third-party sites.

Standout Functionality

  1. Guest Profiling: Unlike many platforms, SevenRooms' review emphasis on deep guest profiling offers an edge in tailoring guest experiences.
  2. Event and Banquet Management: Its comprehensive module for managing larger events sets it apart from many other tools in the market.
  3. Direct Website Bookings: Encouraging bookings directly via the hotel's site stands out as a strategic feature not universally offered by competitors.


SevenRooms review offers native integrations with major POS systems, CRM platforms, and some marketing tools. They also offer a robust API, which allows for custom integrations to cater to specific hotel needs. Moreover, there are several add-ons available, further expanding the platform's capabilities.

SevenRooms Pricing

Pricing for SevenRooms is intricate and often tailored to the hotel's specific needs. However, generally, tiers could look like:

  • Standard: $50/user/month (min 5 seats) - Covers essential features including booking, analytics, and front desk operations.
  • Advanced: $80/user/month (billed annually) - Includes advanced features like event management, loyalty programs, and direct website bookings.
  • Enterprise: Pricing upon request - Tailored solutions for large hotel chains or specific requirements.

Ease of Use

Navigating through the SevenRooms review feels intuitive after the initial onboarding. While the platform's comprehensive suite of tools can appear daunting at first, a few days of use make it easier to understand. However, some features, especially the analytics, might require a deeper dive and might pose challenges for non-tech-savvy users.

Customer Support

SevenRooms offers a solid support system with various channels like live chat, documentation, and webinars. Response times are decent, though during peak times, there can be slight delays. Some customers have mentioned wanting more in-depth tutorials or walkthroughs, especially for the more complex functionalities.

SevenRooms Use Case

Who would be a good fit for SevenRooms?

In my assessment, SevenRooms shines most for upscale hotels and boutique properties looking to deeply personalize the guest experience. Their detailed guest profiling system suggests they cater to establishments that value guest retention and personalized services. Larger hotel chains that host events and banquets benefit from its event management capabilities.

It's evident from their clientele that mid to large-sized establishments with a dedicated team for hotel operations find SevenRooms a worthy addition to their tech stack.

Who would be a bad fit for SevenRooms?

Smaller motels, budget accommodations, or establishments without the need for advanced guest profiling might find SevenRooms' extensive feature set overwhelming. It seems properties with limited staff or those primarily relying on third-party platforms for bookings might not utilize SevenRooms to its full potential.

Standalone vacation rental owners or businesses that don’t run frequent events may feel the tool's capabilities exceed their requirements.

SevenRooms FAQs

What is SevenRooms primarily used for?

SevenRooms is used for hotel management, focusing on guest profiling, booking, event management, and personalized guest experiences.

Does SevenRooms integrate with other platforms?

Yes, SevenRooms offers native integrations with major POS systems, CRMs, and marketing tools.

Is there mobile access for staff?

Yes, staff can access SevenRooms via mobile devices.

Can I manage multiple properties with SevenRooms?

SevenRooms is optimized for individual properties, but it doesn't have a multi-property management feature.

Does it offer a loyalty program management feature?

Yes, it provides tools to manage and run loyalty programs for guests.

How is their customer support?

They offer various channels like live chat, documentation, and webinars, with decent response times.

Is there a free trial available?

You would need to contact the company directly for trial and demo inquiries.

Can I handle billing and payments through SevenRooms?

Yes, SevenRooms offers payment processing and billing system functionalities.

Alternatives to SevenRooms

  • Hotelogix: Often preferred for its simple user interface and ease of use, especially for smaller establishments. See expert insights about the tool in this Hotelogix in-depth review.
  • Cloudbeds: Chosen for its exceptional channel management, catering to properties that lean heavily on multiple third-party booking platforms. Know more about the tool in this insightful Cloudbeds review.
  • RoomKeyPMS: A popular pick for properties that need a blend of front desk operations and guest relations management. Find out if this alternative suits your needs better in my RoomKeyPMS review.

SevenRooms Company Overview & History

SevenRooms is at the forefront of hotel management solutions, catering to upscale and boutique properties. Renowned chains, as well as independent hotels and nightlife, rely on it for operations and guest profiling. The company remains privately held, with its headquarters nestled in New York. Among its notable advisors and board members, there's a mix of tech entrepreneurs and hospitality veterans, bringing in a wealth of knowledge.

Their mission statement revolves around revolutionizing the guest experience using technology. Since its inception, SevenRooms has seen steady growth, with expansions in its feature set and collaborations with major players in the hotel industry.


After delving deep into SevenRooms, it's evident that this hotel management solution is more than just software – it’s an experience enhancer. For properties that lean towards creating personalized guest experiences and running frequent events, this is a tool worth considering. It's robust, feature-rich, and backed by a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what hotel technology can achieve.

I invite those who’ve tried SevenRooms to chime in with their experiences. Your insights will benefit others navigating this choice.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.