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With decades in hotel tech under my belt, I understand the intricacies of choosing the right software. In this in-depth review of Cloudbeds software, I'll lay out everything you need to know, drawing from my extensive experience. By the end, you'll have a clear picture to determine if Cloudbeds is the right fit for you.

Cloudbeds software review - screenshot of the tool's calendar feature
Here's a screenshot of the Cloudbeds calendar feature, showcasing a convenient and user-friendly interface for guests to check in and check out.

Cloudbeds Software Product Overview

Cloudbeds is a cloud-based hospitality software that functions as a comprehensive property management system designed for hotels, hostels, inns, vacation rentals, and even platforms like Airbnb. Catering to a range of properties, this system is championed in many Cloudbeds reviews for its robust features like the Cloudbeds channel manager, which boosts occupancy through online booking.

The software addresses challenges like managing multiple currencies, credit card processing, and ensuring commission-free bookings. Users also benefit from a supportive back office, an attentive support team, an extensive knowledge base, a mobile app for on-the-go management, a pricing intelligence engine, and customizable templates. With its user reviews being largely positive, Cloudbeds system stands out in offering an easy experience for the hospitality industry.


  • Channel Management: It consolidates various booking channels into a singular interface, reducing the risk of overbooking.
  • Real-time Inventory: Updates on room availability reflect immediately, ensuring synchronization across platforms.
  • Guest Management: Tools within Cloudbeds aid in tailoring the guest experience, from reservations to check-out.


  • Integration Limitations: Some users find it doesn't integrate smoothly with certain third-party platforms.
  • Learning Curve: While feature-rich, new users might require more time to become proficient.
  • Customization Constraints: The software might not offer as much customization as some advanced users desire.

Expert Opinion

When assessing Cloudbeds against other hotel management platforms, a few aspects stand out. From a functionality standpoint, Cloudbeds presents a robust suite of tools essential for modern-day hotel operations. Its interface is relatively intuitive, though, for some, the richness of features can lead to a steeper learning curve.

Onboarding is quite straightforward, and their support system, in my experience, is responsive. In terms of integrations, while they offer a vast range, some niche third-party tools might not pair as easily. In judging its overall value, it's clear that Cloudbeds can be a suitable choice for establishments prioritizing real-time operations and enhanced guest management.

Cloudbeds: The Bottom Line

Distinct from many competitors, Cloudbeds places significant emphasis on real-time operational transparency and channel management, allowing hoteliers to be consistently updated. This feature alone sets it apart as most hotel management tools don't offer such immediacy. Its intuitive booking engine, combined with powerful guest management tools, positions it as an invaluable tool for those in the hospitality sector. The ability to minimize reservation errors while enhancing guest experiences is, without a doubt, its noteworthy strength.

Cloudbeds Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into Cloudbeds’ features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation System - Yes
  2. Real-time Inventory Management - Yes
  3. Guest Profile Management - Yes
  4. Channel Management - Yes
  5. Point of Sale (POS) Integration - Yes
  6. Housekeeping Management - Yes
  7. Rate Management - Yes
  8. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  9. Direct Booking Tools - Yes
  10. Event and Conference Management - No
  11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Yes
  12. Loyalty Program Integration - No
  13. Task Automation - Yes
  14. Payment Processing - Yes
  15. Invoicing and Billing - Yes
  16. Employee Management - Yes
  17. Marketing Tools - Yes
  18. Feedback Collection - Yes
  19. Multi-language Support - Yes
  20. Mobile Management - Yes
  21. Online Check-in and Check-out - Yes
  22. Integration with OTAs - Yes
  23. Wi-Fi Management - No
  24. Revenue Management - Yes
  25. Email Marketing Integration - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Reservation System: Allows hoteliers to manage bookings efficiently, eliminating chances of overbooking.
  2. Real-time Inventory Management: Ensures room availability reflects immediately across all platforms, maintaining consistency.
  3. Guest Profile Management: Creates tailored experiences by storing and analyzing guest preferences and histories.
  4. Channel Management: Consolidates multiple booking channels into one interface, simplifying monitoring and management.
  5. Housekeeping Management: Tracks room statuses and automates assignments, ensuring rooms are ready for guests.
  6. Rate Management: Adjusts room rates based on demand, season, and other variables.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights into operations, finances, and customer behavior.
  8. Direct Booking Tools: Enables guests to book directly, cutting out third-party fees.
  9. Payment Processing: Manages transactions easily, including deposits, refunds, and other financial processes.
  10. Task Automation: Minimizes manual input and human error in repetitive tasks.

Standout Functionality

  1. Channel Management: Unlike other platforms, Cloudbeds' channel management stands out due to its comprehensive integration, eliminating overbookings.
  2. Guest Profile Management: Cloudbeds go beyond basic data, offering insights into guest preferences, leading to a more personalized service.
  3. Real-time Inventory Management: The immediacy of its inventory updates sets it apart, ensuring synchronization across platforms without lag.


Cloudbeds offers numerous native integrations with tools like Stripe for payments, Mailchimp for email marketing, and Zapier for workflow automation. They also provide an API that allows for further software integration and flexibility. Additionally, there are various add-ons available, enhancing its capabilities, such as reputation management and guest experience tools.

Cloudbeds Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Cloudbeds offers a fairly intuitive user interface. While most of its features are user-friendly, due to the richness of functionalities, newcomers might face a learning curve. The onboarding process provides a good introduction, though navigation could be overwhelming initially due to the plethora of options available. Yet, with time, one grows familiar with the organized structure of the tool.

Customer Support

From my experience, Cloudbeds' customer support proves responsive and informative. They offer multiple channels for assistance, including documentation, webinars, and live chat. However, some users have mentioned occasional delays in response times, especially during peak hours. While their support resources are robust, the waiting time can sometimes be a concern for urgent issues.

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Cloudbeds?

Based on my extensive experience in the hotel tech sphere, I can attest that Cloudbeds resonates well with boutique hotels, independent properties, and bed & breakfast establishments. The platform simplifies the intricacies of managing these types of properties by offering integrated systems for reservations, inventory management, and guest profiling.

It appears the most loyal and avid customers are those from mid-sized properties that operate with a limited staff. These users often seek comprehensive tools that minimize manual processes and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, Cloudbeds seem to thrive in environments where real-time inventory management and guest relations are paramount.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Cloudbeds?

Large-scale hotel chains or resorts might find Cloudbeds less fitting. The reason is, that these expansive properties often have intricate operational requirements that might surpass Cloudbeds' capabilities. Furthermore, enterprises that rely heavily on conferencing and event management might feel underserved, given that Cloudbeds doesn’t specialize in that department. If you operate in the luxury hotel segment with an emphasis on personalized guest experiences through intricate loyalty programs, this software might come off as slightly rudimentary.

Cloudbeds FAQs

How do Cloudbeds handle real-time inventory?

Cloudbeds provides real-time inventory management, ensuring room availability reflects immediately across all platforms.

Are Cloudbeds suitable for large hotel chains?

Cloudbeds are ideally suited for mid-sized properties, boutique hotels, and B&Bs. Large hotel chains might require more extensive functionalities.

Does Cloudbeds offer a loyalty program feature?

No, Cloudbeds doesn’t offer a specialized loyalty program integration.

Can I integrate Cloudbeds with third-party applications?

Yes, Cloudbeds offers native integrations with various tools and also provides an API for additional software integration.

Is there a mobile version or app for Cloudbeds?

Yes, Cloudbeds supports mobile management, ensuring hoteliers can manage operations on the go.

How do Cloudbeds manage guest profiles?

Cloudbeds offers guest profile management, which stores and analyzes guest preferences and histories to enhance service.

Can Cloudbeds handle event and conference management?

No, Cloudbeds doesn’t specialize in event and conference management.

Is there a free trial available for Cloudbeds?

Pricing and trial details should be directly obtained from the company as they might vary.

Alternatives to Cloudbeds

  • Hotelogix: Often compared with Cloudbeds for its comprehensive hotel management system. Best suited for hotels seeking detailed revenue management features.
  • eZee Frontdesk: Known for its user-friendly interface and simplicity. Ideal for those who prioritize ease of use without compromising functionality.
  • Maestro PMS: Acclaimed for its vast array of integrations and scalability. Optimal for larger resorts and multi-property establishments.

Cloudbeds Company Overview & History

Cloudbeds operates in the hospitality tech sphere, serving various hotels, B&Bs, and independent properties. With users across the globe, Cloudbeds has made its mark in the mid-sized property domain. As a private entity, its operations extend from its headquarters located in San Diego, CA. Though specifics regarding board members or notable employees remain internal, Cloudbeds takes pride in a diverse team, passionate about reshaping the hospitality industry.

Their mission revolves around simplifying the lives of hoteliers through technology. Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds has witnessed considerable growth, forging partnerships with properties worldwide and consistently enhancing its platform.


After a comprehensive review, it’s evident Cloudbeds brings a lot to the table for hoteliers, especially those operating boutique and mid-sized establishments. With its integrated features and emphasis on real-time operations, it offers a compelling solution for those in the hospitality industry. However, it might not cater to all needs, especially larger chains. I invite those familiar with Cloudbeds to share their insights and experiences, further enriching this discussion.

Cory Masters
By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.