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With decades spent navigating the intricate world of hotel tech, I'm here to share my insights on the innRoad review software. My aim? To provide you with the clarity and understanding you need to gauge if this tool aligns with your requirements.

innRoad software review, a screenshot of the tool's reservations tab
This is a screenshot of innRoad's reservations tab which provides search capabilities for querying bookings, creating new ones, or performing bulk actions on active records.

innRoad Software Product Overview

innRoad is a web-based property management software, primarily designed as an all-in-one solution integrating a booking engine, credit card processing, and a robust property management system. Targeting independent hoteliers, motels, and others in the hospitality industry, the tool aids in simplifying online booking, group reservations, and efficient liaison with online travel agents.

Through the intuitive booking system, innRoad alleviates common challenges related to overbookings, credit card discrepancies, and guest communication. Numerous innRoad reviews from users of varying company sizes indicate an overall positive rating, frequently highlighting attributes like the adept innRoad team, responsive tech support, and live support, consolidating innRoad as a good product choice for many in the industry.


  • Intuitive Reservation: innRoad offers an intuitive reservation system that streamlines the booking process, making it easier for hotel staff to manage guest stays.
  • Robust Reporting: The software boasts comprehensive reporting tools, aiding decision-makers in drawing insights and strategizing effectively.
  • Efficient Distribution: innRoad handles distribution management with ease, ensuring that room availability updates in real time across various platforms.


  • Integration Hiccups: Some users find challenges integrating certain third-party tools with innRoad, potentially hampering their broader tech stack.
  • Learning Curve: Though feature-rich, some newcomers to the platform might experience a steep initial learning phase.
  • Customization Limits: While versatile, innRoad sometimes falls short in accommodating unique, niche requirements for certain properties.

Expert Opinion

Having immersed myself in hotel tech for years, when judging and comparing innRoad against its peers, it certainly holds its ground. In terms of features, its reservation, reporting, and distribution strengths are evident. However, like any tool, it isn't without its faults. While its pricing is competitive, some aspects, such as third-party integrations and onboarding, can be smoother.

Moreover, while its interface is generally user-friendly, the customization capabilities could be more extensive. Based on functionality, support, and integrations, it's clear that innRoad shines for mid-sized hotels and B&B operators looking for a blend of simplicity and depth.

innRoad: The Bottom Line

Diving into what sets innRoad apart, it's the balance of simplicity with comprehensive capabilities. Unlike many tools that either oversimplify or overcomplicate hotel management, innRoad finds the middle ground. The reservation system stands out, removing common hurdles in guest management.

Moreover, its reporting capabilities offer a depth that, in my experience, many competitors don't provide. These features, combined with its efficient distribution management, make it a noteworthy contender in the world of hotel tech.

innRoad Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into innRoad’s features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation Management - Yes
  2. Guest Profiles - Yes
  3. Housekeeping Management - Yes
  4. Multi-property Management - Yes
  5. Reporting & Analytics - Yes
  6. Point of Sale (POS) Integration - No
  7. Direct Booking Tools - Yes
  8. Mobile Management - Yes
  9. Employee Scheduling - No
  10. Inventory Management - Yes
  11. Email Campaigns - Yes
  12. Loyalty Program Management - No
  13. Channel Manager - Yes
  14. Event Management - No
  15. Review Management - Yes
  16. Third-party Integrations - Yes
  17. Revenue Management - Yes
  18. Payment Processing - Yes
  19. Task Automation - Yes
  20. Rate Management - Yes
  21. Guest Communication Tools - Yes
  22. Marketing Analytics - No
  23. Multi-language Support - Yes
  24. OTA Integration - Yes
  25. API Access - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Reservation Management: innRoad provides a robust system, allowing room bookings and updates.
  2. Guest Profiles: Detailed guest profiles help in offering personalized services, leading to enhanced guest experiences.
  3. Housekeeping Management: Streamlines daily operations and ensures rooms are always ready for new arrivals.
  4. Multi-property Management: innRoad caters to hotel chains, streamlining operations across different locations.
  5. Reporting & Analytics: Detailed insights help in strategic decision-making.
  6. Direct Booking Tools: Ensures hotels can acquire reservations directly, cutting out intermediary fees.
  7. Inventory Management: Keeps track of available rooms, reducing overbookings.
  8. Channel Manager: Real-time updates on various OTAs ensure consistency in room availability.
  9. Review Management: Monitor guest reviews and feedback, ensuring reputation management.
  10. Task Automation: Simplifies repetitive processes, allowing hotel staff to focus on guest interactions.

Standout Functionality

  1. Multi-property Management: While many tools cater to single properties, innRoad's efficient handling of multiple properties makes it unique.
  2. Guest Communication Tools: Direct communication with guests, especially post-booking, offers a level of personalization many tools lack.
  3. Task Automation: innRoad's degree of automation, especially for repetitive tasks, is a notch above its peers.


innRoad integrates natively with various OTAs, ensuring real-time updates across platforms. They offer an API, allowing businesses to integrate custom or third-party applications easily. While innRoad has an array of native tools, they also allow for third-party add-ons to extend its capabilities further, catering to unique requirements.

innRoad Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating through innRoad, I noticed its user interface is intuitive, especially for core functionalities. However, when delving into deeper features or advanced settings, some users might experience a learning curve. The onboarding process provides a good foundation, but certain sections might require time to master, especially for those new to hotel management tools.

Customer Support

innRoad offers a range of customer support channels, including documentation and webinars. Their response times are commendable, and most queries are addressed promptly. However, some users have pointed out that while the support team is knowledgeable, solutions to more complex issues can sometimes be time-consuming.

innRoad Use Case

Who would be a good fit for innRoad?

In my experience, mid-sized hotels, B&B operators, and hotel chains with multiple properties find the most value in innRoad. The tool's robust multi-property management feature makes it a go-to for entities managing more than one location. Given its feature set, I perceive that businesses with a team size ranging from small to medium can leverage this platform most effectively.

Industries related to hospitality, especially those focused on accommodations and guest experiences, align well with innRoad's offerings. Many of the most loyal users appreciate the platform's balance of depth and simplicity, ensuring efficient operations without overwhelming staff.

Who would be a bad fit for innRoad?

Larger hotel chains with highly specialized requirements or niche boutique hotels with unique demands might find innRoad less accommodating. Entities looking for extensive third-party integrations or niche customizations might experience challenges. Very small operations, such as individual vacation rentals or single-room B&Bs, might not fully utilize the breadth of features available.

innRoad FAQs

Does innRoad support multiple properties?

Yes, innRoad is designed to efficiently handle operations across multiple hotel locations.

Can I integrate my current POS system with innRoad?

innRoad doesn't natively support all POS integrations. It's best to consult with their support for specific systems.

Is there a mobile version or app for innRoad?

Yes, innRoad offers mobile management capabilities for on-the-go operations.

Does innRoad offer a loyalty program feature?

No, innRoad currently does not have a native loyalty program management feature.

Can I handle email campaigns through innRoad?

Yes, innRoad allows you to manage and send email campaigns to your guests.

How does innRoad help with OTA integrations?

innRoad provides OTA integration ensuring real-time room availability updates across various platforms.

Is API access available with innRoad?

Yes, innRoad provides an API for custom integrations.

Can I manage guest reviews with innRoad?

Yes, review management is a core feature of the platform.

Alternatives to innRoad

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  • Cloudbeds: Cloudbeds stands out for its extensive integrations, making it suitable for hotels looking for diverse third-party tools. Learn more about the tool in my Cloudbeds software review.
  • RoomKeyPMS: Often preferred for its advanced guest relationship management capabilities, it enhances long-term guest engagement. Get to know the tool better in this RoomKeyPMS review.

innRoad Company Overview & History

innRoad is a dedicated hotel management software company. Various mid-sized hotels, B&B operators, and hotel chains utilize its platform for smoother operations. It's a private company, and details about specific ownership aren't widely publicized. Their headquarters is located in New York City.

Notable milestones include the continual refinement of their property management features and the introduction of task automation, both of which significantly differentiate them in the market. The company's mission revolves around providing hotels with a tool that balances depth and simplicity, ensuring easy operations.


Navigating the world of hotel tech, innRoad makes a mark with its comprehensive yet user-friendly features. It's particularly suitable for mid-sized hotels and B&B operators, especially those managing multiple properties. While it may not cater perfectly to everyone, its offerings are undeniably robust.

If you've interacted with innRoad or are currently using it, your insights would be invaluable. Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.