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With years under my belt in hotelier management, I understand the importance of choosing the right software. My in-depth review of RateTiger unified hotel management software aims to provide you with clear, concise information, aiding your decision-making process. My hope is that by the end, you'll have a solid grasp on whether this tool fits your needs.

RateTiger review featuring its booking engine that offers a seamless guest booking experience
This is RateTiger's booking engine that offers a seamless guest booking experience with its personalized theme, intuitive user interface allowing guests to make an online booking, simple three-step booking process, fully customizable to suit your brand, and dynamic cancellation and payment policies.

RateTiger Product Overview

RateTiger offers channel management and rate shopping solutions tailored to the hotel business. It's a preferred choice for hoteliers looking to optimize their online room sales channels and ensure a consistent presence across all online channels. Through its platform, users can efficiently distribute room rates and inventory while also monitoring performance metrics.

The tool tackles challenges like inconsistent room type rates, manual updates, and a lack of real-time data. Standout features include robust integration capabilities, a user-friendly dashboard, and in-depth competitor analysis.


  • Integration Capabilities: RateTiger allows for smooth integration with various OTAs, easing the distribution process for hoteliers.
  • User Dashboard: The software provides a comprehensive yet straightforward dashboard that offers a quick overview and actionable insights.
  • Competitor Analysis: RateTiger Shopper grants users the ability to perform in-depth analysis of competitors, ensuring they remain ahead in pricing strategies.


  • Learning Curve: New users might require some time to fully grasp all the functionalities.
  • Limited Customization: There's a constraint in how much users can customize the tool to their specific preferences.
  • Resource Intensity: The software sometimes demands significant system resources, impacting its speed.

Expert Opinion

In the vast world of hotel management software, RateTiger has carved its niche, and for good reasons. Judging by the features, RateTiger offers robust integration, a comprehensive dashboard, and deep competitor insights. However, when I compare it with others in the industry, it does fall short in areas like customization and system resource management. In terms of onboarding ease and support, they fare well but aren't the market leaders.

If I were to determine the ideal user base, I'd say it's best suited for medium to large-scale hotels that prioritize channel distribution and rate shopping but can allocate a bit of time to get through the initial learning phase.

RateTiger: The Bottom Line

RateTiger stands out by offering a unique blend of channel management combined with in-depth competitor rate analysis. While many tools can distribute rates, few can claim the level of detailed competitor insight that RateTiger brings to the table.

Its user dashboard, despite the initial learning curve, remains one of its strongest points, giving hoteliers a clear and concise view of their online sales landscape. In essence, its ability to provide a well-rounded overview while delving deep into specifics makes it a noteworthy tool in the hotel tech arena.

RateTiger Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Channel Management: Yes
  2. Inventory Distribution: Yes
  3. Direct Booking Tools: No
  4. Housekeeping Management: No
  5. Guest Experience Enhancement: No
  6. Reservation Management: Yes
  7. Revenue Management: Yes
  8. Reporting and Analytics: Yes
  9. Competitor Rate Analysis: Yes
  10. Guest Feedback Collection: No
  11. CRM Integration: Yes
  12. Multi-Property Support: Yes
  13. Booking Engine Integration: Yes
  14. OTA Integration: Yes
  15. Guest History Records: Yes
  16. Marketing and Loyalty Programs: No
  17. Group Booking Management: No
  18. Event and Conference Room Booking: No
  19. Billing and Invoicing: Yes
  20. Mobile Management Apps: Yes
  21. Task Automation: No
  22. E-mail Marketing Integration: Yes
  23. Third-party Integrations: Yes
  24. Forecasting and Budgeting: No
  25. Employee and Staff Management: No

Feature Overview

  1. Channel Management: RateTiger provides comprehensive channel management, enabling hotels to manage online distribution efficiently.
  2. Inventory Distribution: Distribute inventory across multiple channels with ease, ensuring optimal occupancy rates.
  3. Reservation Management: Centralized reservation management aids in streamlining operations and reducing manual errors.
  4. Revenue Management: The tool offers insights and recommendations to optimize pricing strategies and maximize revenue.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Get a clear view of hotel performance metrics with intuitive reports and analytics.
  6. Competitor Rate Analysis: Stay ahead of the competition by analyzing and adapting to competitor pricing strategies.
  7. CRM Integration: RateTiger allows seamless integration with CRMs, helping hotels maintain a personalized relationship with guests.
  8. Multi-Property Support: Manage multiple properties from a single dashboard, ideal for hotel chains or groups.
  9. Booking Engine Integration: Integrate with leading hotel booking engines, providing guests with real-time room availability.
  10. Mobile Management Apps: Stay updated on the go with RateTiger's mobile apps, ensuring management can act swiftly in any situation.

Standout Functionality

  1. Competitor Rate Analysis: Among its distinctive attributes, RateTiger's in-depth competitor rate analysis stands out, allowing hotels to proactively adjust their prices in tune with market demands.c
  2. Mobile Management Apps: Unlike many competitors, RateTiger introduces mobile management apps, granting hotel channel managers enhanced flexibility and instant accessibility.
  3. Multi-Property Support: For growing hotel chains or groups, RateTiger's multi-property support offers a significant advantage, enabling a unified property management system.


RateTiger provides native integrations with leading OTAs, CRMs, and online booking channels like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and more CRS booking distribution channels. They offer an API, enhancing the software's flexibility and ensuring compatibility with other platforms. Moreover, various add-ons can be utilized to extend RateTiger's capabilities, tailored to specific operational needs.


Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating RateTiger presents a minimal learning curve. Though comprehensive, the dashboard design is intuitive. Onboarding is straightforward, but some features require time to grasp fully. Overall, the layout is user-friendly, but newcomers might face some initial complexities.

Customer Support

RateTiger offers multiple channels for the support team, including documentation and live chat. Response times are commendable. However, some users like general managers find the depth of tutorials lacking, which can lead to initial setup queries. You may view the brand website for more details.

RateTiger Use Case

Who would be a good fit for RateTiger?

Mid to large-scale hotels seeking robust channel management and competitor analysis will benefit immensely from RateTiger. Especially for those operating multiple properties, the unified dashboard is a boon. Its most loyal users appreciate its revenue management and analytical prowess.

Who would be a bad fit for RateTiger?

Smaller hotels or B&Bs might find RateTiger overwhelming. Also, businesses looking for extensive customization might be disappointed.

RateTiger FAQs

Does RateTiger support multi-property management?

Yes, RateTiger offers a unified dashboard for managing multiple properties.

Can RateTiger integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes, RateTiger supports CRM integration, enhancing guest relationship management.

Is mobile access available for RateTiger?

Yes, RateTiger provides mobile management apps.

Does RateTiger offer event and conference room booking features?

No, RateTiger does not support this feature.

Is competitor rate analysis available in RateTiger?

Yes, RateTiger provides in-depth competitor rate analysis.

Can I automate tasks within RateTiger?

RateTiger does not currently support task automation.

Is there a guest feedback collection feature?

No, RateTiger doesn't have a dedicated guest review collection tool.

Can I use RateTiger for marketing and loyalty programs?

No, RateTiger does not support marketing and loyalty program features.

Alternatives to RateTiger

  • Hotelogix: Known for robust reservation management and task automation. Find about the unique features of this tool in my Hotelogix review.
  • Cloudbeds: Offers exceptional housekeeping management and group booking features. To learn more about the tool features, I wrote a Cloudbeds review that you can read.
  • Clock PMS: Celebrated for its unique guest experience enhancement tools.
  • SiteMinder: Known for its efficient channel management for hotels across various online travel agencies and direct booking channels. To learn more about this software, I wrote a review for SiteMinder that can help you.

RateTiger Company Overview & History

RateTiger operates under eRevMax and is geared towards optimizing online room sales for hoteliers. Trusted by major global hotel chains, the GDPR-compliant, ISO, and PCI-certified private company is headquartered in the US. Notable board members include Reuel Ghosh and Udai Solanki. Their mission revolves around streamlining operations and enhancing revenue for hotels.

Since its inception, the company has achieved various milestones, including integrating with top OTAs and launching mobile management apps.


RateTiger, with its specialized features like competitor rate management and analysis and multi-property support, offers a unique proposition in the hotel management software domain. While it caters well to medium to large-scale hotels, it may not be the ideal fit for all. Those who have engaged with RateTiger are invited to share their insights and experiences below.

Cory Masters
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