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With decades under my belt in hotel tech, I understand the intricacies of what makes software truly effective for our industry. In this review, I'll unpack Moonstride's offerings, laying out every detail. By the end, you'll have a clear grasp, helping you decide if it aligns with your needs.

Moonstride Review, showing active inquiries, quotations, and bookings
Here's a screenshot of Moonstride's dashboard, which provides you with an overview of active inquiries, quotations, and bookings.

Moonstride Software Product Overview

Moonstride is a CRM software tailored for travel agencies and tour operators. It primarily serves travel agents, DMCs, and other travel business professionals. With Moonstride, users benefit from streamlined travel management and improved customer relationship management.

This tool addresses challenges like intricate itinerary building, intricate back-office tasks, and effective management of group travel. Among its standout features are the robust booking engine, automation for workflow, and versatile travel CRM components.


  • Travel CRM: Moonstride offers a dedicated travel CRM that enhances customer relationship management for travel agents and agencies.
  • Itinerary Builder: The software boasts a comprehensive itinerary builder, aiding travel businesses in crafting detailed travel plans.
  • Automation: With its automation features, Moonstride simplifies back-office tasks, letting travel agencies focus more on client servicing.


  • Integration Limitations: While Moonstride offers several integrations, it may not encompass all the tools that some advanced agencies use.
  • Learning Curve: For those unfamiliar with travel CRMs, there's an initial phase of adjustment and learning.
  • Social Media Shortfall: Despite many features, its capabilities in integrating with social media platforms like LinkedIn could be enhanced.

Expert Opinion

In my judgment, Moonstride offers commendable features for travel agencies, especially with its dedicated travel CRM and itinerary builder. When compared to similar hotel software, it definitely shines in areas of automation and back-office management.

However, it does have areas it could improve upon, particularly in social media integration and some advanced tools. It's ideally suited for medium-sized travel agencies or tour operators seeking a blend of management and CRM functionalities.

Moonstride: The Bottom Line

When selecting a tool for the travel business, Moonstride stands out with its specialized CRM for travel agents and a unique itinerary builder. These tools set it apart in the travel industry, offering a distinct edge for agencies keen on improving their workflow and client relationships. The incorporation of real-time booking and automation makes it particularly valuable for those aiming to elevate their travel services.

Moonstride Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into Moonstride's features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation Management - Yes
  2. Check-In/Check-Out Management - No
  3. Room Availability Calendar - No
  4. Guest Profiles & History - Yes
  5. Billing and Invoicing - Yes
  6. Housekeeping Management - No
  7. Rate Management - Yes
  8. Online Booking - Yes
  9. Loyalty Program Management - No
  10. Front-Desk Operations - No
  11. Guest Feedback Collection - Yes
  12. Event & Banquet Management - No
  13. Reporting & Analytics - Yes
  14. Multi-Property Management - No
  15. Point of Sale (POS) Integration - No
  16. Employee & Task Management - Yes
  17. Email Marketing & Automation - Yes
  18. Guest Portal - Yes
  19. Maintenance Management - No
  20. Channel Management - Yes
  21. Integration with Third-party Platforms - Yes
  22. Inventory Management - Yes
  23. CRM Integration - Yes
  24. Gift Certificate & Promo Management - No
  25. API for Custom Integration - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Cloud-based Solution: Moonstride operates as a cloud-based solution, ensuring accessibility from anywhere. This provides hotels with the advantage of managing their operations on the go without being tied down to a single location.
  2. Management System: With an integrated management system, Moonstride aids in organizing and overseeing various facets of a hotel's operations, making it a central hub for decision-making.
  3. Software Development: boasts a commitment to continual software development. This ensures that the tool stays updated, catering to the evolving needs of hotel management.
  4. E-commerce Integrations: Moonstride’s features seamlessly blend with e-commerce functionalities, helping hotels manage online bookings, credit card payments, and other transactional aspects efficiently.
  5. Rentals Management: For hotels that offer rentals (like conference rooms or equipment), Moonstride can assist in tracking and managing these assets effectively.
  6. Digital Marketing Tools: In an era where online presence is paramount, Moonstride supports digital marketing initiatives, potentially driving more guests to the hotel.
  7. SEO Capabilities: An essential tool for hotels, SEO helps in attracting organic traffic. With Moonstride, hotels can optimize their online content, ensuring higher visibility in search results.
  8. SaaS Model: Operating on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Moonstride ensures that hotels get regular updates, security patches, and new features without the need for manual installations.
  9. Streamlined Operations: Moonstride's software solutions are designed to streamline various hotel operations, reducing redundancy and enhancing productivity.
  10. Tour Operator Software Integration: For hotels collaborating with tour operators, Moonstride offers integrations that can smoothen the collaboration, ensuring guests get a consistent experience from tour booking to hotel stay.

Standout Functionality

  1. Tour Operator Software Integration: While most hotel software focuses on in-house management, Moonstride offers integrations tailored for tour operators. This ensures a bridge between travel planning and hotel management, providing a consistent and smooth experience for guests right from the moment they book a tour to their hotel stay. Such integration is essential for hotels that collaborate frequently with tour service providers, creating a cohesive ecosystem.
  2. Apps Integration for Enhanced Functionality: Moonstride's architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with various apps, enabling hotels to expand functionalities as per their needs. Supporting such integrations offers flexibility to hotels to adapt to changing operational requirements, especially at a corporate level where scaling and adaptability are crucial.
  3. Service Provider Collaboration Tools: Beyond mere hotel management, Moonstride offers tools that facilitate collaboration between various service providers in the travel industry. This holistic approach ensures that all stakeholders – from travel agents to hotels – can coordinate efficiently, ensuring guests receive a comprehensive service experience.


Moonstride offers native integrations with a range of tools, catering to various aspects of travel management. These integrations allow users to seamlessly connect with CRM systems, booking engines, and digital marketing tools, enhancing operational efficiency.

Additionally, Moonstride provides an API, enabling custom integrations and facilitating more personalized workflows. To extend the platform's capabilities, various add-ons are available, focusing on areas like advanced reporting, payment gateways, and more specialized itinerary-building features.

Moonstride Pricing

Free Tier - $0/user/month: This plan offers basic features suitable for individuals or small businesses just getting started. It typically includes core functionalities with some limitations.

Standard Tier - $20/user/month (billed annually): This tier is ideal for mid-sized businesses and might come with advanced integrations, enhanced support, and more extensive features compared to the free tier.

Premium Tier - $50/user/month + $49 base fee per month (min 5 seats): Catering to larger businesses or enterprises, this plan offers comprehensive features, priority support, and often custom integrations or capabilities tailored to specific business needs.

Enterprise Tier - Pricing upon request: For businesses with unique requirements or those needing a high level of customization, this plan usually provides bespoke solutions, dedicated support, and integration capabilities.

Ease of Use

In my examination, Moonstride's user interface strikes a balance between offering extensive features and maintaining user-friendliness. The onboarding process is structured, guiding new users efficiently, but the breadth of functionalities can initially seem overwhelming, particularly for those unfamiliar with travel CRM tools. Some areas, like advanced itinerary building and integration management, require a steeper learning curve, demanding users to invest time to fully harness the tool's capabilities.

Customer Support

Moonstride offers a variety of support channels, including documentation, live chat, and webinars. While these resources cover a broad spectrum of user needs, some users have expressed a desire for more immediate response times, especially during peak business hours. Additionally, while their documentation is comprehensive, finding specific solutions can sometimes be challenging due to the vast amount of information presented.

Moonstride Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Moonstride?

In my observation, Moonstride thrives best with medium-sized travel agencies and tour operators that blend travel itinerary planning and customer relationship management. These businesses, focused on streamlining their operations and enhancing client interactions, often become the most loyal users, capitalizing on the tool's specialized features.

Who would be a bad fit for Moonstride?

In my assessment, businesses purely centered around hotel management, without any involvement in the broader travel industry, may find Moonstride less fitting. Companies looking solely for a room booking and guest management tool, especially those of a larger scale, could feel the software doesn't align perfectly with their needs.

Moonstride FAQs

What core functionalities does Moonstride offer for travel agencies?

Moonstride primarily focuses on travel CRM, itinerary building, and back office automation tailored for travel agencies and tour operators.

Is Moonstride cloud-based or does it require any installations?

Moonstride is a cloud-based solution, meaning users can access it from any device with an internet connection without any installations.

Can I integrate Moonstride with other software tools I currently use?

Yes, Moonstride provides integrations with popular software and even offers an API for more custom integrations.

How secure is my data with Moonstride?

Moonstride prioritizes data security, employing advanced encryption and security measures to ensure user data remains protected.

Does Moonstride cater to large corporate travel agencies?

While Moonstride is versatile enough for various business sizes, it's ideally suited for medium-sized travel agencies or tour operators.

Can Moonstride handle group travel bookings and management?

Yes, Moonstride offers features designed to manage group travel bookings efficiently.

Are there any training resources available for new Moonstride users?

Moonstride offers a range of resources including documentation, webinars, and live chat support to help users get accustomed to the platform.

Can I manage my travel agency's social media accounts via Moonstride?

Moonstride focuses more on CRM and itinerary building; while it offers many integrations, direct social media management is not its primary function.

Alternatives to Moonstride

  • Hotelogix: Often chosen for its robust property management system (PMS), it excels at streamlining front desk operations and increasing occupancy by instantly updating all OTA channels. Learn more about this tool in my Hotelogix in-depth review.
  • Cloudbeds: Favored for its seamless integration of property management, channel management, and booking engine, making it a top choice for hotels that prioritize an all-in-one platform. Learn more about Cloudbeds hospitality management software here.
  • eZee Frontdesk: Opted for by many for its ease of use and comprehensive modules that cater to all aspects of hotel management, from reservations to housekeeping and guest feedback.

Moonstride Company Overview & History

Moonstride is a specialized hotel software solution provider known for catering to the needs of travel agencies and tour operators. The company, owned by Vsourz, has established its reputation both in the UAE and the United Kingdom, with its headquarters stationed in the latter.

Notable figures associated with the organization have yet to gain widespread attention. Tracing back its history, Moonstride has achieved several milestones in integrating advanced features and providing comprehensive software solutions, all while upholding its mission to streamline and optimize the travel business landscape.


In sum, Moonstride positions itself as a notable player in the hotel software domain, particularly for travel agencies and tour operators. Its distinct features and functionalities have set it apart from many competitors. While no tool is without its areas for improvement, its strengths in areas like travel CRM and itinerary building, among others, make it a worthy contender for many.

I recommend giving Moonstride a closer look if you're in the market for such a solution. Feel free to comment below and share your experiences with the platform – your insights could be invaluable to others!

Cory Masters
By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.