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10 Best Motel Management Software for 2022

When you're running a motel, there are a lot of things to keep track of. From making sure the rooms are clean and comfortable to managing your finances and marketing your business, it can be a lot to handle.

That's where motel management software comes in.

What Is Motel Management Software?

This software can help you take care of all the administrative tasks associated with running a motel, from online bookings to tracking customer data.

Motel management software is a type of software that helps motel owners and managers keep track of their business. This can include tasks such as tracking reservations, managing finances, and overseeing staff.

One popular example of motel management software is ResNexus. This software allows motel owners to keep track of their reservations, finances, and staff. It also provides a number of other features such as online booking and marketing tools.

What Are the Benefits of Using Motel Management Software?

There are many benefits of using motel management software, which is why it's such an important tool for motel owners and operators.

Some of the key benefits include:

- Improved guest satisfaction

- Streamlined operations

- Reduced costs

- Easier staff management

When you're looking for a good software, make sure to find one that offers all of the features you need. For example, look for a product that can help you track reservations, manage finances, and oversee housekeeping.

How Much Does Motel Management Software Usually Cost?

Typically, motel management software costs between $200 and $600 per month. However, there are some cheaper options available, and more expensive software can cost up to $2,000 per month.

When considering how much to spend, you should look at the features that are important to you and decide what is worth the extra cost. For example, if you want software that can handle online bookings, then you will need to pay more than if you just need a program to track reservations.

Key Features To Look For

When looking for a motel management software, there are a few key features you should keep in mind. 

The key features to look for include: online booking capabilities, reservation management, marketing tools, reporting features (track everything from occupancy rates to room revenue to marketing expenses), and accounting modules.

Consider these functions as well:

Ease of use: Look for software that is easy to use and navigate. If it's too complicated, you'll quickly become frustrated and may not use it at all.

Integration: Make sure the software can integrate with your other systems, such as your accounting software, payroll software, and online reservation system. This will make transferring data between systems much easier.

Customization: Can the software be customized to meet your specific needs? Or will you be limited to the features it offers?

Support: Can you get help if you need it? Is there a customer service department that can answer your questions?

Cost: How much does the software cost? Make sure you're getting good value for your money.

10 Best Motel Management Software of 2022

There are many different types of motel software products on the market. Let's take a look at ten of the most popular ones. Here is a list of the best motel management software products on the market today.

  1. Skyware Hospitality Solutions –
  2. HotelKey –
  3. SiteMinder -
  4. SkyTouch -
  5. CloudBeds –
  6. WebRezPro –
  7. RoomKeyPMS –
  8. Infor HMS -
  9. Little Hotelier –
  10. innRoad –

Other Motel Management Software

How To Choose The Right Software?

Each of these products has its own unique benefits, so it's important to do your research before making a decision. But to give you a little taste, some of the key features you should look for include invoicing, reservations, billing, and tracking of employee hours.

Choosing the right software is important for your business, so make sure to consider the following:

-The size of your business

-The features you need

-The price tag

-The customer service and support available

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