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With years under my belt in hotel tech, I'm here to share an honest look at RateGain hotel software. Through this review, you'll get the clarity needed to decide if this tool aligns with your hotel's demands. I've sifted through numerous RateGain reviews and coupled that with my own hands-on experience to provide you with the essentials.

RateGain review showing the productivity analytics data
Here's a screenshot of the RateGain (RezGain Channel Manager) dashboard, which lets you view productivity analytics data based on either Gross Revenue or Net Revenue.

RateGain Software Product Overview

RateGain offers robust software solutions to empower the travel and hospitality industry. Primarily targeting hoteliers, this tool provides an avenue to maximize revenue through optimized rate intelligence and channel management. By addressing pain points like inconsistent rate distribution across online travel agents (OTAs) and offering real-time insights, RateGain streamlines operations for hotel owners. Some of its standout features include comprehensive rate intelligence, efficient channel manager, and enhanced guest experiences.


  • Rate Intelligence: RateGain provides in-depth rate insights, ensuring hoteliers remain competitive in their pricing strategies.
  • Channel Management: With its advanced channel manager, distribution across OTAs becomes significantly more streamlined.
  • Guest Experiences: RateGain focuses on enhancing guest experiences, ensuring repeat business and a boost in overall ratings.


  • Onboarding Complexity: New users may find a steep learning curve when acclimating to the software's full suite of functionalities.
  • Integration Limitations: Some team members have noted occasional hiccups when integrating RateGain with other systems.
  • User Interface: While packed with features, the interface isn't always as user-friendly as some competitors.

Expert Opinion

After a thorough exploration of the hotel tech arena, I've discerned RateGain's distinct advantages, particularly in real-time rate intelligence and channel management. RateGain reviews reflect a commendable company culture and commitment to employee growth. However, potential users might face some integration challenges, making it especially apt for hoteliers to prioritize rate analytics and distribution.

RateGain: The Bottom Line

RateGain distinguishes itself in the SaaS landscape of travel and hospitality through its emphasis on rate intelligence and guest experiences. The platform prioritizes real-time insights for hoteliers and efficient OTA distributions, underpinned by a commendable company culture visible in employee reviews. Despite some challenges, RateGain's core strengths position it prominently in the travel software sector.

RateGain Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into RateGain's features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation Management - Yes
  2. Online Booking Integration - Yes
  3. Front Office Management - Yes
  4. Housekeeping Management - No
  5. Guest Profile Management - Yes
  6. Billing and Invoicing - Yes
  7. Rate Management - Yes
  8. Channel Management - Yes
  9. Reports and Analytics - Yes
  10. Point of Sale (POS) Integration - No
  11. Guest Feedback Collection - No
  12. Marketing and CRM Tools - No
  13. Loyalty Program Integration - No
  14. Event and Banquet Management - No
  15. Inventory Management - Yes
  16. Multi-property Support - Yes
  17. Third-party Integrations (e.g., OTAs) - Yes
  18. Employee Management and Scheduling - No
  19. Maintenance Management - No
  20. Guest Check-in and Check-out - Yes
  21. Payment Processing - Yes
  22. Mobile Access/Management - Yes
  23. Spa and Activity Booking - No
  24. Food and Beverage Management - No
  25. Revenue Management - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Reservation Management: RateGain offers an advanced reservation system that ensures a booking experience for guests. This is distinct from other systems due to its tight integration with rate intelligence, offering a more informed booking process.
  2. Online Booking Integration: With the surge in online bookings, RateGain ensures hotels remain competitive with a robust online booking integration. Their system is designed to cater to modern travelers, including those seeking car rentals, cruises, and ferries.
  3. Rate Management: RateGain's rate management is powered by real-time analytics, giving hoteliers the edge in setting competitive rates. This feature is fortified by the company's strong software development background and SaaS foundation.
  4. Channel Management: RateGain's channel manager stands out by offering a simplified interface for distributing inventory across various online travel agents. This ensures properties in North America and beyond maintain consistent availability and pricing.
  5. Reports and Analytics: Data-driven decision-making is at the core of RateGain's offering. The depth and breadth of their reports surpass comparably positioned software, a testament to their focus on fundamentals.
  6. Inventory Management: Ensuring rooms, car rentals, and even cruises are aptly managed, RateGain provides an inventory management system designed for precision. This not only offers work-life balance for hoteliers but also enhances the overall guest experience.
  7. Multi-property Support: For hotel chains or promoters managing multiple properties, RateGain offers indispensable multi-property support. This initiative, backed by a capable management team, ensures even large hotel groups find value in their platform.
  8. Third-party Integrations (e.g., OTAs): RateGain understands the importance of extensive third-party integrations. Their software connects with key players in the travel sector, ensuring hoteliers have a comprehensive tool at their disposal.
  9. Guest Check-in and Check-out: Streamlining the guest experience, RateGain’s system ensures quick and efficient check-ins and check-outs. This, combined with their other features, speaks volumes about the company's focus on overall guest satisfaction.
  10. Revenue Management: The sophisticated revenue management tool within RateGain’s suite stands out due to its predictive analytics capability. It’s clear that RateGain employees, embedded in good company culture, have been instrumental in building this crucial feature that aids in maximizing hotel revenue.

Standout Functionality

  1. Real-time Rate Intelligence: RateGain harnesses a real-time rate intelligence system that comprehensively monitors global rate data sources. This proactive approach provides hoteliers with instantaneous insights, allowing them to refine pricing strategies efficiently and stay ahead in a competitive market.
  2. Advanced Channel Management: RateGain's channel manager differentiates itself with its meticulous integration and granular control. Hoteliers can distribute inventory across OTAs while ensuring precise availability and pricing, a testament to its advanced design and automation capabilities.
  3. Employee-Centric Approach: RateGain's dedication to its workforce manifests in its software's continuous enhancement and steadfast customer support. By prioritizing employee well-being and fostering career growth, the company ensures that innovation is ongoing and user feedback is consistently integrated, leading to a product that continually evolves to meet the industry's changing needs.


RateGain integrates natively with leading online travel agencies (OTAs) and property management systems (PMS), ensuring smooth data transfer and inventory management. They also offer an API for those seeking tailored integration or custom functionalities. Furthermore, various add-ons can be incorporated to further enhance the software's capabilities, addressing specialized hotel management needs.

RateGain Pricing

RateGain adopts a "pricing upon request" model to provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and scale of a hotel or chain. This approach allows them to offer bespoke pricing structures that align with the unique requirements of each client.

Ease of Use

Navigating RateGain's user interface, I noticed it presents a moderate learning curve, especially for those unfamiliar with advanced hotel management tools. The onboarding process requires attention to detail, given the depth of its features and integrations. Some sections of the tool, especially channel management and real-time rate analytics, demand a deeper understanding to harness their full potential.

Customer Support

RateGain offers a variety of customer support channels, including live chat, documentation, and webinars. While the resources are comprehensive, some users report inconsistencies in response times, particularly during peak periods. Additionally, navigating their extensive documentation can be a challenge for those seeking quick solutions.

RateGain Use Case

Who would be a good fit for RateGain?

RateGain thrives best in environments where real-time rate intelligence and channel management are paramount, typically suiting large hotels and hotel chains. The most avid customers are often those in competitive markets, valuing the tool's in-depth analytics and distribution capabilities.

This platform is especially favored by establishments in the travel and hospitality industry with significant room inventory and a keen interest in optimizing revenue through precise pricing strategies.

Who would be a bad fit for RateGain?

RateGain may not be the optimal choice for small boutique hotels or establishments with minimal room inventory, as they might not require such in-depth rate intelligence. Customers who seek a lightweight, straightforward tool without the intricacies of advanced channel management might find themselves overwhelmed. Businesses outside the travel and hospitality sector, or those with limited tech-savviness, might also find the platform's depth and breadth less advantageous.

RateGain FAQs

What kind of work environment does RateGain foster?

RateGain is known for promoting a positive work environment, with a focus on team collaboration and fostering innovation.

How does RateGain assist with account management for hotels?

RateGain provides a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline account management, helping hotels efficiently manage rates, inventory, and distribution channels.

Has RateGain undergone an IPO?

As of my last update, RateGain had pursued an IPO, highlighting its growth and stability in the SaaS market.

How secure is my data with RateGain?

RateGain prioritizes job security and ensures data protection with robust security measures in place, safeguarding user information and hotel data.

Can I find more user testimonials about RateGain?

Absolutely, LinkedIn and various review platforms feature testimonials and experiences shared by users, giving insights into the overall experience with RateGain.

Is RateGain recognized as a leading SaaS company in the hotel industry?

Yes, RateGain has established itself as a prominent SaaS company, specializing in tools and solutions tailored for the hotel and travel industry.

How does the company culture at RateGain compare with other tech companies?

RateGain's work culture is often praised for being employee-centric, with various perks and initiatives to promote work-life balance and foster career growth.

Are there any additional perks when using RateGain's premium services?

While specific perks may vary, RateGain is known to offer specialized support, training, and advanced features to premium subscribers, enhancing the tool's utility and effectiveness.

Alternatives to RateGain

  • Hotelogix: Often chosen for its strong property management capabilities, Hotelogix offers an integrated solution for hoteliers focusing on guest reservation and housekeeping management. See more features in this Hotelogix hotel management software review.
  • Clock PMS: If central guest engagement is a top priority, Clock PMS excels with its guest-facing mobile app that enhances guest communication and experience.
  • Cloudbeds: For those seeking powerful distribution capabilities, Cloudbeds offers a robust channel manager that connects with multiple OTAs and direct booking platforms. See if this alternative is better in this Cloudbeds software review.

RateGain Company Overview & History

RateGain Travel Technologies Limited, headquartered in Noida, India, is a renowned entity in the travel and hospitality tech sector, offering advanced solutions for revenue management and distribution. Founded by Bhanu Chopra, the company has rapidly established a prominent clientele comprising several leading hotels and travel companies globally.

As a testament to its industry impact, RateGain Company has attracted notable figures in its advisory and board capacities. Central to its operations, the company's mission emphasizes leveraging technology to drive revenue and growth for its partners, marking a trajectory filled with significant milestones since its inception.


In evaluating RateGain, it's evident that the platform offers a robust suite of features tailored to address the complexities of the travel and hospitality sector. Its emphasis on real-time rate intelligence and streamlined channel management distinguishes it in a competitive market. Potential users, especially those seeking an in-depth analytical edge in their hotel operations, would benefit from exploring what RateGain has to offer.

I encourage anyone who has used RateGain to comment below and share their experiences, as collective insights can provide a richer understanding for those considering the software.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.