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In my decades of navigating hotel technology, I've seen and worked with myriad systems. eZee Absolute software is on today's discussion table. With a history steeped in tech, software development, and in-depth reviews, I'm here to provide a clear, comprehensive look at this tool. By the journey's end, you'll have the information to decide if it aligns with your hotel's needs.

eZee Absolute software review, a screenshot of the tool's reservation tab dashboard
Here is the screenshot of the reservation tab dashboard from eZee Absolute where you can see the guest's information.

eZee Absolute Product Overview

eZee Absolute, widely acknowledged in various reviews, offers a meticulous hotel management system that integrates a streamlined PMS (property management system), a proficient booking engine, and a strategic channel manager to facilitate day-to-day hotel operations and enhance the guest experience. Targeting entities from compact guest houses to expansive hotels and even hostels, this tool accommodates spaces regardless of company size, providing a simplified, yet potent hotel PMS that meets the multifaceted demands of the hospitality niche.

The benefits surface through holistic management of both front-office and back-office operations, exemplified through user-friendly interfaces depicted in available screenshots and affirmed by positive user reviews. eZee ensures a consistent, manageable flow through the intricacies of hotel operations, notably in areas like group management and hotel booking, mitigating the often chaotic nature of juggling various booking platforms via its channel manager, while offering adept live support and self-service options through resourceful support team, thereby establishing itself as a reliable name in hospitality software across varied accommodations, including vacation rentals.


  • Simplicity: The user interface champions intuition, offering navigational ease that aids in reducing training time and enhancing user adoption.
  • Multi-property Management: eZee enables the management of numerous properties under a single account, simplifying operations for hotel chains and property managers.
  • Integration Capability: The platform supports myriad integrations, extending operational capabilities through compatibility with various external tools and systems.


  • Customization Limits: While functional, eZee offers less flexibility in user interface and functionality customization than some competitors.
  • Advanced Reporting: The software occasionally falls short in providing advanced data analytics and reporting options, which some hoteliers find crucial.
  • Pricing Model: Some users find the pricing model somewhat opaque, leading to difficulties in budgeting and cost management.

Expert Opinion

Drawing from an extensive backdrop in hotel technology, I observe eZee Absolute occupy a solid position in the hotel management software landscape, notably for its harmony between functionality and user-friendliness. When measuring its dimensions against its counterparts, the software commendably fulfills a niche for those who prioritize straightforward usability and multiple property management from a unified platform.

However, discerning eyes might note that its capabilities in advanced reporting and nuanced customization somewhat trail behind some other notable names in the market. It splendidly manages to sustain a balance in facilitating hotel management essentials but the discernment for selecting it should closely regard its fittingness for the particular operational and strategic mold of your hotel or chain.

eZee Absolute: The Bottom Line

Navigating through eZee Absolute, one recognizes a distinctive approach to combining user-centered design with a robust suite of hotel management functions. This isn’t merely a tool; it’s an ally of inefficient, centralized management, particularly for those steering the helm of multiple properties. eZee Absolute manages to carve out a singular identity by facilitating a straightforward management conduit, enabling users to weave through reservations, housekeeping, billing, and customer management with an accessible, singular dashboard.

Notably, its ability to smoothly integrate with an array of third-party platforms not only broadens its utility but also subtly elevates it above competitors in terms of integrative flexibility, providing an expansive, connected operational ecosystem.

eZee Absolute Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation Management - Yes
  2. Guest Profiles - Yes
  3. Housekeeping Management - Yes
  4. Front Desk Management - Yes
  5. Payment Processing - Yes
  6. Reports & Analytics - Yes
  7. Multi-Property Management - Yes
  8. Loyalty Program Management - Yes
  9. Inventory Management - Yes
  10. Point of Sale (POS) Integration - Yes
  11. Employee Scheduling - Yes
  12. Event Booking - Yes
  13. Email Marketing Integration - Yes
  14. Revenue Management - Yes
  15. Online Booking Portal - Yes
  16. Room Assignment - Yes
  17. Mobile Access - Yes
  18. Check-in & Check-out Management - Yes
  19. Maintenance Management - Yes
  20. Language Support - Yes
  21. CRM Integration - Yes
  22. Feedback Collection - Yes
  23. Invoicing - Yes
  24. Night Audit - Yes
  25. Food & Beverage Management - Yes

eZee Absolute Feature Overview

  1. Reservation Management: eZee offers a smooth reservation process, supporting direct and third-party bookings.
  2. Multi-Property Management: Hotels with multiple branches benefit from managing various properties from a single dashboard.
  3. Front Desk Management: eZee simplifies front desk operations, reducing guest wait time and optimizing staff efficiency.
  4. Reports & Analytics: In-depth insights help hoteliers gauge performance and make informed decisions.
  5. Payment Processing: Secure and diverse payment methods cater to a wide array of guest preferences.
  6. Online Booking Portal: Direct bookings eliminate intermediary fees and foster guest loyalty.
  7. Mobile Access: eZee Absolute can be accessed on mobile devices, ensuring managers remain connected on the go.
  8. Check-in & Check-out Management: Streamlined processes ensure guests have a swift and hassle-free experience.
  9. Maintenance Management: Timely upkeep tasks can be scheduled, ensuring rooms remain in pristine condition.
  10. Loyalty Program Management: eZee helps manage reward points, ensuring return guests feel valued and acknowledged.

Standout Functionality

  1. Multi-Property Management: Unlike many competitors, eZee Absolute's centralized management of multiple properties from a singular dashboard is exceptional.
  2. In-depth Analytics: eZee's analytics offer more than just numbers; they present actionable insights, setting it apart.
  3. Feedback Collection: Gathering guest feedback directly through the platform helps hoteliers make real-time improvements.


eZee Absolute is integrated natively with numerous third-party platforms, enhancing its functionality. Integrations include CRM systems, POS tools, and email marketing platforms. They also offer an API, allowing businesses to build custom integrations tailored to their needs. There are various add-ons available, such as modules for spa management or golf course reservations, which can further extend the platform's capabilities.

eZee Absolute Pricing

Pricing upon request

Ease of Use

Navigating through eZee Absolute, I find the platform user-friendly, with a relatively shallow learning curve. The onboarding process is streamlined, aided by intuitive prompts and tool tips. However, some features, like advanced analytics, might require a deeper dive and might pose complexities for users unfamiliar with data interpretation.

Customer Support

Engaging with eZee Absolute's customer support, I find them responsive and knowledgeable. They offer support through multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone. Documentation is extensive, and they also have webinars that assist users in understanding features in-depth. However, during peak times, there might be a slight delay in response, which some users might find a tad challenging.

eZee Absolute Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For eZee Absolute?

In the vast arena of hotel management, eZee Absolute genuinely shines for multi-property management - a significant pain point for many hotel chains. Its most loyal clientele typically hail from the hotel industry, especially those managing multiple properties across various locations.

Businesses that scale from small to medium-sized enterprises find solace in the structured and integrative approach of eZee Absolute. In the context of team size, both compact teams and larger departments navigate its functionalities with equal efficacy, given the platform’s scalable nature.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For eZee Absolute?

Conversely, single-property businesses or startups with an extremely tight budget might find eZee Absolute a bit overwhelming and possibly more than they require. Disappointed customers often emerge from environments where the extensive feature set is underutilized, especially when their operations don’t demand such a comprehensive platform. Smaller teams, or industries outside of hospitality, who need not dive deep into intricate management facets may find eZee Absolute’s extensive offerings misaligned with their objectives.

eZee Absolute FAQs

What is eZee Absolute best known for?

eZee Absolute is recognized for its robust hotel management functionalities, particularly excelling in multi-property management.

Is eZee Absolute mobile-friendly?

Yes, eZee Absolute offers a mobile application for on-the-go management.

Does eZee Absolute support multiple languages?

Yes, eZee Absolute supports multiple languages to cater to a global user base.

Can I integrate eZee Absolute with other platforms?

Yes, eZee Absolute provides native integrations and offers an API for custom integrations.

Is there a trial period for eZee Absolute?

eZee Absolute does typically offer a trial period; however, specifics may vary.

Does eZee Absolute cater to other segments besides hotels?

Yes, while hotels are a primary focus, they also cater to other hospitality segments like resorts and B&Bs.

Is the platform cloud-based?

Yes, eZee Absolute operates on a cloud-based infrastructure.

Can eZee Absolute manage customer feedback?

Yes, eZee Absolute includes a feature for collecting and managing guest feedback.

Alternatives to eZee Absolute

  • Cloudbeds: Often hailed for its user-friendly interface, especially appreciated by smaller hotel establishments.
  • Hotelogix: A preferable alternative when a rigidly structured and simplified pricing model is paramount.
  • RoomKeyPMS: Gains favor for its customer support and diverse integration ecosystem, often contrasted with eZee.

eZee Absolute Company Overview & History

eZee Absolute, developed by eZee Technosys, stands tall in the domain of hotel management software. From small boutique hotels to grand resorts, diverse establishments entrust their operational management to eZee. The company, still owned by its founders Hitesh Patel, Vipul Kapoor, and Aeijaz Sodawala (CEO), resides with its headquarters in Surat, India.

Evidently guided by its mission “To empower the hospitality industry with technology,” eZee has continually evolved since its inception in 2005. Noteworthy milestones include the launch of their mobile app, garnering a global client base, and consistent recognition for providing top-tier solutions in hotel tech.


Navigating through eZee Absolute’s expansive feature set, I discern a platform that proficiently navigates the intricate waters of hotel management. It scales, adapts, and integrates, presenting a holistic management solution, especially for entities managing multiple properties. Its nuances, from the robust reservation system to the comprehensive analytical insights, speak volumes about its capability to navigate the complex and dynamic world of hotel management.

eZee offers a potently flexible, albeit sometimes intricate, environment that cateringly houses the diverse needs of the hotel industry. I welcome your thoughts, experiences, and inquiries regarding eZee Absolute in the comments below.

Cory Masters
By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.