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Having spent years immersed in hotel tech, I'm here to share a comprehensive review of Hubilo software. Rely on my expertise to provide you with clear, pertinent information that will help you gauge if this software aligns with your needs. I aim to equip you with the understanding necessary for a well-informed decision.

Hubilo software review - a screenshot of the tool's event analytics dashboard
This is a screenshot of Hubilo's event analytics dashboard where the total registrations and total participation can be viewed.

Hubilo Product Overview

Hubilo, an end-to-end event management platform, enriches the customer experience by providing smooth orchestration of virtual and hybrid events, primarily for event organizers and planners. Tailored for comprehensive user engagement across iOS and Android devices, it diligently addresses the event planners' pain points of audience engagement in online events.

Woven into its fabric are notable engagement features that have garnered positive user reviews, a testament to the customer success navigated by its adept support team. Not merely an event tool, Hubilo intertwines with social media, broadening its reach and cementing its position as a vital asset in the toolkit of event professionals. This full review unfolds its myriad layers, offering a detailed exploration of its multifaceted offerings.


  • Networking Capabilities: Hubilo crafts a space where attendees can connect and communicate effortlessly.
  • Data Analytics: The software provides in-depth, real-time insights into attendee engagement and event performance.
  • Engagement Tools: Hubilo ensures that participants remain active and involved through polls, chats, and Q&A sessions.


  • Usability Issues: Some users find Hubilo’s interface less intuitive than its competitors.
  • Integration Limits: Although it offers various integrations, Hubilo lacks some potential connections that other platforms provide.
  • Support Concerns: There have been instances where users desired more prompt and comprehensive customer support.

Expert Opinion

In my professional judgment, having interacted with a spectrum of event management software, Hubilo does present a compelling offering. With a spectrum of tools geared towards not just managing, but elevating virtual events, it holds its ground in a competitive market. Its interface marries functionality with aesthetics reasonably well, providing a platform that is largely user-friendly. While its pricing can be judged as justified by its robust functionality and array of features, a point for consideration remains the reported inconsistencies in customer support and limited integrations.

While it may outshine aspects like data analytics and virtual engagement, it slightly lags in providing a smooth, hiccup-free user experience to some, compared to its peers. For businesses prioritizing real-time insights into their virtual events and a variety of engagement tools, Hubilo could be a worthy contender to consider in their selection process.

Hubilo: The Bottom Line

Hubilo carves out a niche in the event software realm with its robust analytics and commendable attendee engagement tools, tailored to those who want more than just a virtual meeting space. The personalized event agendas stand out, providing an attendee experience that's uniquely theirs while networking lounges facilitate connections in a virtual space that closely mimics the spontaneity and connectivity of in-person events.

Furthermore, its precise, real-time analytics arm organizers with pertinent data, allowing them to gauge and adapt to engagement levels and participant activity during the event, providing a pathway to not just visualize, but also optimize their event’s success and attendee satisfaction.

Hubilo Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Event Registration - Yes
  2. Attendee Management - Yes
  3. Speaker Management - Yes
  4. Event Marketing - Yes
  5. On-Demand Content - Yes
  6. Real-Time Analytics - Yes
  7. Networking Opportunities - Yes
  8. Customizable Branding - Yes
  9. Mobile Event App - Yes
  10. Ticketing - Yes
  11. Surveys & Feedback - Yes
  12. Sponsorship Management - Yes
  13. Virtual Lobby - Yes
  14. Session Recording - Yes
  15. Personalized Agendas - Yes
  16. 1:1 Appointments/Meetings - Yes
  17. Breakout Sessions - Yes
  18. Multi-Event Management - Yes
  19. Polls & Q&A - Yes
  20. Email Marketing - Yes
  21. Security & Compliance - Yes
  22. Event Website Builder - Yes
  23. Multi-Language Support - No
  24. Badge Management - No
  25. Lead Retrieval - Yes

Hubilo Feature Overview

  1. Real-Time Analytics: Hubilo enables organizers to track engagement metrics and derive actionable insights during the event.
  2. Networking Lounges: This feature recreates the serendipity of in-person networking, allowing attendees to connect easily.
  3. Personalized Agendas: Attendees can tailor their schedules, ensuring they engage with the content most relevant to them.
  4. Virtual Lobby: It serves as the event's home, grounding attendees with a central navigation point.
  5. 1:1 Appointments: Direct connections become possible, allowing attendees to schedule private meetings with peers or speakers.
  6. Session Recording: All sessions can be recorded, allowing post-event access and continuous learning opportunities.
  7. Sponsorship Management: Hubilo offers platforms for sponsors, ensuring their visibility and interaction with attendees.
  8. On-Demand Content: Attendees gain access to sessions and content at their convenience, enhancing flexibility.
  9. Surveys & Feedback: Direct feedback from participants helps in refining future event strategies.
  10. Event Website Builder: Organizers can create branded, informative event websites, providing a centralized information hub.

Standout Functionality

  • Networking Lounges: Hubilo attempts to bridge the gap between virtual and physical networking, providing lounges that facilitate spontaneous, thematic, or structured networking opportunities, not often seen in virtual event platforms.
  • Personalized Agendas: Going beyond standard scheduling, it allows attendees to have a bespoke event experience by choosing sessions and activities that cater specifically to their interests and needs.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Immediate access to extensive data points like attendee engagement and session popularity assists organizers in making data-driven decisions during the event.


Hubilo integrates natively with numerous tools like Zoom, Salesforce, and Stripe, providing a synchronized and efficient event management experience. Their API permits additional integrations, offering versatility in connecting various software tools to streamline functionalities and data transfer. Moreover, while Hubilo doesn’t openly list all its add-ons, the platform can be extended with features such as extra storage, enhanced support, or additional customization according to specific event requirements.

Hubilo Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating through Hubilo, I find that while its interface is generally user-friendly and intuitive, some users might perceive a learning curve with certain functionalities like setting up networking lounges or utilizing real-time analytics effectively. The onboarding process is fairly streamlined, with resources available to aid new users, though nuances of maximizing each tool might require deeper exploration.

Customer Support

In my interactions and analysis, I find that Hubilo offers a range of support channels like documentation and live chat, but the timeliness and depth of responses can sometimes leave users desiring more. A common thread of feedback pertains to the desire for more immediate and comprehensive solutions during live events, where resolution time is of the essence. The available resources are helpful for standard queries but navigating through complex, event-specific challenges may warrant enhanced support.

Hubilo Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Hubilo?

Diving into the myriad functionalities and overarching flexibility, I see that Hubilo aligns well with enterprises and organizations that prioritize comprehensive, data-driven event management. The most devoted patrons often emerge from sectors like technology, pharmaceuticals, and education, where virtual events have become integral to continued operations and engagement.

Whether it's a global corporation orchestrating a large-scale conference or a mid-sized firm hosting webinars, Hubilo demonstrates adeptness in managing varied event types, notably where analytical insight, networking, and attendee engagement are paramount.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Hubilo?

In contrast, smaller entities or businesses with limited budget allocations, particularly those seeking simplified, straightforward virtual event solutions, might find Hubilo a less conducive fit. Notably, teams without a dedicated individual or department overseeing an event management system may perceive the feature-rich platform as complex or even overwhelming.

Startups, local businesses, or entities that host infrequent or small-scale events and have no immediate need for intricate functionalities, such as extensive data analytics or multitudinous networking lounges, may find themselves navigating superfluous complexities.

Hubilo FAQs

What types of events can I host using Hubilo?

You can manage and host a wide array of events, including webinars, conferences, expos, and more.

Does Hubilo offer features for hybrid events?

Yes, Hubilo caters to both virtual and hybrid event formats.

How does Hubilo facilitate attendee networking?

Hubilo provides features like networking lounges and 1:1 appointment settings to foster connections.

Is there a mobile app available for attendees?

Yes, Hubilo offers a mobile app to enhance attendee accessibility and engagement.

Can I manage event marketing through Hubilo?

Yes, Hubilo provides tools for email marketing, website creation, and more.

Does Hubilo allow event registration and ticketing?

Yes, it facilitates event registration and includes an integrated ticketing system.

How secure is the platform for hosting events?

Hubilo prioritizes security and compliance, providing a secure environment for events.

Can I customize branding on Hubilo?

Yes, Hubilo allows you to infuse your brand elements across various event assets.

Alternatives to Hubilo

  • Eventbrite: Opt for this if simplicity and ease of use, especially for smaller or public events, is your foremost requirement.
  • Bizzabo: A viable option for those looking for robust attendee engagement and superior integrations.
  • Cvent: A fitting choice for those requiring extensive customization and a widespread vendor network.

Hubilo Company Overview & History

Hubilo, rooted in providing vibrant, immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences, propels its mission to bring people together, transcending geographical barriers. Employed by an eclectic mix of companies, from evolving startups to established conglomerates, Hubilo positions itself as a stalwart in the event technology space.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company, though relatively nascent, has witnessed an impressive trajectory, pivoting from physical event management to a virtual format with renewed vigor during the pandemic. Noteworthy names like Vaibhav Jain, founding the company, and investors like Lightspeed and Balderton, speak volumes about its trajectory and credibility. Hubilo’s mission, simplistically, revolves around reshaping the event landscape, focusing on rich, meaningful connections and data-driven decisions.


Navigating through Hubilo’s landscape unfolds an ambitious, feature-laden platform that distinctly addresses several pain points inherent to virtual event management. Its intentional design amalgamates robust analytical capabilities, intricate networking opportunities, and user-centric functionalities, offering a comprehensive suite for varied event formats. However, potential users, especially those from smaller entities or with distinct simplicity preferences, should weigh its extensive features against actual requirements.

Your journey, be it aligning with Hubilo or exploring alternatives, will fundamentally hinge on matching specific needs with the appropriate tool. As such, I extend an invitation for you to share your experiences, thoughts, and queries, ensuring a rich, collective knowledge pool for all navigating the virtual event space.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.