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There's much debate about the best tools available in the realm of online booking systems. I aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding through detailed Checkfront reviews I've encountered and by studying its structure. We'll cover everything from payment processing to waivers and its compatibility with Android devices payment processing to the use of releases and its compatibility with Android devices.

I'll also touch upon its overall rating as rental software, ensuring you get insights directly from review sources. We’ll cover it all. Popular platforms like Capterra often have users detailing their experiences with the tool, particularly in check-in processes and good customer support. Ready to explore how this reservation system stands up to user expectations? Let's get started.

Here's a review of Checkfront's booking calendar feature screenshot which displays the occupied and vacant dates as well as the occupancy period.
Here's Checkfront's booking calendar feature screenshot which displays the occupied and vacant dates as well as the occupancy period.

Checkfront Software Product Overview

Checkfront is a cloud-based booking management software designed for businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors. It primarily targets accommodation providers, tour operators, and rental companies, streamlining their reservation process. By leveraging Checkfront, businesses can better manage their inventory, increase efficiency, and reduce the chaos associated with high-traffic booking periods. Its features include robust integration capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and real-time availability tracking.


  • Integration Flexibility: Checkfront offers robust integration with numerous third-party applications, ensuring businesses can tailor the software to their specific needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive dashboard ensures that both staff and customers experience a smooth reservation process.
  • Real-time Tracking: The software constantly updates availability, reducing the risk of double bookings or overbookings.


  • Customization Limits: While Checkfront offers customization, it may not cater to all specific business requirements or niche markets.
  • Learning Curve: Some users have mentioned a steeper learning curve, especially for those not technologically inclined.
  • Mobile App Constraints: The mobile application sometimes lacks the comprehensive features available on the desktop version.

Expert Opinion

In my experience, Checkfront stands solidly among the top contenders in booking software. With its extensive integration options, it often outperforms rivals in connecting seamlessly with other platforms. While intuitive, its user interface presents some challenges to the less tech-savvy, an area where some competitors have an edge.

The onboarding process and support are commendable, yet there's room for improvement when customizing the platform for particular needs. For medium to large-scale businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector, especially those needing strong integration features, Checkfront remains a strong contender.

Checkfront: The Bottom Line

Checkfront distinguishes itself with a powerful combination of real-time availability tracking and broad third-party integration capabilities. Many software solutions offer one or the other, but Checkfront's prowess in seamlessly blending the two sets it apart. Getting the correct online reservation system is crucial, especially for those in the leisure, travel & tourism industry.

Furthermore, its user-friendly interface, designed keeping both the service provider and the end customer in mind, is a testament to its commitment to streamlining the booking process. The real-time tracking of availability is especially noteworthy, ensuring businesses can efficiently manage bookings without the headaches of over-commitment.

Checkfront Booking Software Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Real-time Availability Tracking - Yes
  2. Third-party Integration - Yes
  3. User-friendly Interface - Yes
  4. Mobile Application - Yes
  5. Reservation Management - Yes
  6. Payment Gateway Integration - Yes
  7. Customer Data Collection - Yes
  8. Analytics and Reporting - Yes
  9. Inventory Management - Yes
  10. Email Notifications - Yes
  11. Custom Branding - Yes
  12. Discount and Promo Code Application - Yes
  13. Multi-language Support - No
  14. Waitlist Feature - No
  15. Staff Management - Yes
  16. Multi-location Support - Yes
  17. Gift Certificate Management - No
  18. Security Protocols - Yes
  19. Automated Invoicing - Yes
  20. Customer Review Integration - Yes
  21. Event Calendar - Yes
  22. Group Booking - Yes
  23. Custom Fields for Booking - Yes
  24. Rate Management - Yes
  25. Social Media Integration - Yes

Checkfront Feature Overview

  1. Real-time Availability Tracking: Ensures that the inventory is up-to-date, reducing the chances of overbooking.
  2. Third-party Integration: Allows businesses to connect Checkfront with other platforms, increasing operational efficiency.
  3. Reservation Management: Provides tools to manage, modify, and monitor all bookings effectively.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Empowers businesses with insights to understand booking trends and customer preferences.
  5. Inventory Management: Ensures that all offerings, whether rooms, tours, or equipment, are accurately accounted for.
  6. Payment Gateway Integration: Provides seamless financial transactions, enhancing the customer experience.
  7. Email Notifications: Automates communication processes, keeping staff and customers informed.
  8. Staff Management: Assigns roles and permissions, ensuring operational transparency and security.
  9. Group Booking: Allows for streamlined management of large group reservations.
  10. Rate Management: Enables dynamic pricing based on demand, seasons, or other criteria.

Standout Functionality

  1. Custom Fields for Booking: Checkfront provides more personalization in the booking process, allowing businesses to capture specific details that many other platforms don't.
  2. Security Protocols: The heightened security measures in Checkfront ensure customer data protection, standing out in the realm of booking software.
  3. Automated Invoicing: Its streamlined invoicing system reduces manual work and the chances of errors, a feature not always found in similar platforms.


Checkfront offers integrations with popular third-party applications like Stripe, PayPal, QuickBooks, and Google Calendar. An open API allows developers to build and integrate custom applications to enhance the software's capabilities further. Some add-ons and plugins extend the platform, ranging from enhanced analytics to specific industry tools.

Checkfront Pricing

Compared with other booking tools in the market, Checkfront's pricing falls into the mid-range category, balancing cost and features. Users should also consider any additional fees for premium integrations or specific add-ons.

  1. Free Tier: Checkfront offers a limited free tier suitable for small businesses or those wanting to test the platform. It includes basic booking management and a limited number of monthly bookings.
  2. Basic Tier - $20/user/month: The Basic tier is designed for growing businesses. It offers all the features of the free tier, plus advanced analytics, unlimited bookings, and more integrations.
  3. Professional Tier - $40/user/month (billed annually): Aimed at established businesses, this tier grants users access to premium features, including group bookings, enhanced security protocols, and priority support.
  4. Enterprise Tier - $60/user/month + $49 base fee per month: This is for large organizations or franchises. It incorporates all the benefits of lower tiers and adds custom integrations, dedicated support, and advanced training options. A base fee is applied for server costs and added functionality.

Ease of Use

Navigating Checkfront feels intuitive for the most part, with a clear dashboard and logically organized tools. The onboarding process can be slightly daunting, given the features and customization options. While day-to-day tasks are straightforward, diving into deeper customization or making the most of the analytics tools may require some dedicated time.

Customer Support

Checkfront offers a commendable level of customer support. They have documentation, webinars, and live chat to assist users. The response times are generally swift. However, the depth of their tutorials is sometimes lacking, with users occasionally expressing the need for more comprehensive guides, especially when diving into intricate features or integrations.

Nextpoint Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Checkfront?

In my assessment, Checkfront resonates most with hospitality and tour industry businesses. These sectors see a high volume of bookings, often with various nuances like seasonal price adjustments, package deals, or last-minute changes. The platform's adaptability and comprehensive features align well with these complexities.

Loyal customers often hail from medium to large-sized businesses that require a robust, scalable solution for their booking management. Tour operators, bed and breakfast establishments, rental services, and event venues frequently choose Checkfront. This is because the platform manages to simplify intricate booking processes while allowing for personalization based on specific business needs. Teams that range from 10 to 100 members find it particularly beneficial as they can collaborate effectively, monitor bookings, and ensure customer satisfaction all through a single tool.

Who would be a bad fit for Checkfront?

While Checkfront has many features, not all businesses might find it beneficial. For instance, small businesses or freelancers handling limited bookings might find the platform's extensive features overwhelming. Such users often require more straightforward tools without the bells and whistles of a comprehensive system like Checkfront.

Moreover, industries outside of hospitality or tours, like manufacturing or IT services, might not extract the same value from Checkfront. Businesses with very niche requirements or those that need a booking system as a secondary tool rather than a primary one might find themselves not utilizing most of the platform's capabilities.

Lastly, huge corporations or multinational entities with thousands of team members might need a more tailored or industry-specific solution that aligns with their global operations and intricate organizational structures.

Checkfront FAQs

How does Checkfront handle multiple bookings?

Checkfront allows businesses to manage multiple bookings simultaneously and offers features like group bookings to accommodate larger reservation needs.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of items or services I can list on Checkfront?

No, Checkfront provides scalability to list as many items or services as your business offers without any cap.

Can I integrate third-party payment gateways with Checkfront?

Checkfront offers integrations with numerous third-party payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and more.

How user-friendly is the Checkfront interface for customers?

Checkfront prioritizes user experience, offering customers an intuitive and streamlined interface to make and manage their bookings.

Does Checkfront support different languages and currencies?

Checkfront supports multiple languages and currencies, making it suitable for businesses operating in different regions worldwide.

Is there an option for customizing the look and feel of the booking page?

Checkfront allows businesses to customize their booking page to align with their branding and design preferences.

Does Checkfront offer analytics and reporting features?

Checkfront has robust analytics and reporting features, helping businesses gauge their performance and make informed decisions.

Can I set special discounts or promo codes using Checkfront?

Checkfront has features enabling businesses to set up special discounts, offers, and promo codes to attract more customers.

Alternatives to Checkfront

  • ResNexus: Often chosen for its emphasis on property management, making it especially effective for bed and breakfasts and small inns. Learn more about the hotel reservation software in the ResNexus in-depth review.
  • Bookinglayer: Preferred by businesses focused on activity-based reservations, like surf camps or yoga retreats.
  • FareHarbor: This is especially popular among tour operators due to its detailed inventory management features and real-time availability checks.

Checkfront Company Overview & History

Checkfront operates in booking management, catering primarily to the hospitality and tour sectors. Esteemed companies use Checkfront to streamline their reservation processes, particularly in these sectors.

Established as a solution-driven company, it is privately owned, with its headquarters in Victoria, Canada. Notable team members include Jason Morehouse, their diligent CEO, and Grant Jurgeneit, the CTO, who have been instrumental in guiding the company's vision. The company's mission statement revolves around simplifying the booking process while offering scalability and adaptability to businesses of various sizes.

Since its inception, Checkfront has marked several milestones, including the launch of its mobile application, numerous integrations to extend platform capabilities, and reaching many global users.


Having delved deep into Checkfront, it's evident that its online booking system has been designed keeping user convenience in mind. Many user reviews on platforms like Capterra highlight its strengths and areas of improvement. The SaaS nature of this tool, combined with integrations like Xero, sets it apart in many aspects. Features like the handy widget make online interactions smoother.

It's undeniable that the support team plays a significant role in the high ratings it receives, often being commended for value for money. Yet, like all software, its actual test lies in the hands of its users. So, I invite you to comment below, sharing your personal experiences with Checkfront. Whether it's about its prowess as a reservation system or any hiccups you've encountered, your insights will be invaluable to those considering this tool for their needs.

Cory Masters
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