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With years under my belt in hotelier management and tech, I understand the weight of choosing the right CRM software for your operations. In this review of Thynk Hotel CRM software, I'll share an honest and detailed breakdown, ensuring you have the clarity needed to make an informed decision for your establishment.

Thynk review showing its hotel scheduler feature
This is a screenshot of Thynk's hotel scheduler feature that provides seamless booking management for hoteliers.

Thynk Product Overview

Thynk serves as a specialized CRM solution tailored for hotels to streamline guest experiences and back-end operations. Hotels, both large chains and boutique establishments, form the core of its user base. This tool significantly improves guest relationship management, leading to increased repeat bookings and revenue.

Thynk addresses challenges like fragmented guest data, lackluster marketing campaigns, and inefficient operational tasks. Among its standout features are robust data analytics, personalized guest marketing, and efficient task automation.


  • Robust Analytics: Thynk offers deep insights into guest preferences, ensuring targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Guest Personalization: This CRM excels at creating tailored guest experiences, boosting satisfaction and repeat bookings.
  • Task Automation: Operational tasks become simpler with Thynk, giving staff more time for guest interactions.


  • Learning Curve: New users might find Thynk somewhat overwhelming initially, requiring training to utilize its full potential.
  • Integration Limitations: Thynk sometimes struggles with certain third-party integrations, potentially hindering some operational processes.
  • Mobile Capabilities: While functional, the mobile version lacks some of the desktop platform's intuitive features.

Expert Opinion

In my extensive experience evaluating hotel CRM solutions, Thynk certainly has merits that deserve attention. When judging its features and functionality against competitors, Thynk stands tall in areas like guest personalization and analytics. However, while its interface is rich, new users might face a steeper learning curve.

The potential hiccups in third-party integrations might also be a point of concern for some hotels heavily reliant on external tools. In determining its fit, larger hotel chains with a dedicated tech team might find Thynk particularly beneficial. However, boutique hotels might want to weigh the onboarding process against the promised efficiency.

Thynk: The Bottom Line

Thynk's unique proposition lies in its deep commitment to creating tailored guest experiences. While many tools offer guest data analytics, Thynk's ability to turn this data into actionable, personalized marketing campaigns sets it apart. Moreover, its focus on automating routine operational tasks ensures that hotel staff can direct their energy where it matters most - towards the guests.

Thynk Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Guest Profile Management - Yes
  2. Reservation Management - Yes
  3. Email Marketing Integration - Yes
  4. Loyalty Program Integration - Yes
  5. Room Inventory Management - Yes
  6. Feedback Collection - Yes
  7. Analytics and Reporting - Yes
  8. Task Automation - Yes
  9. Payment Processing - No
  10. Social Media Integration - No
  11. Event Management - Yes
  12. Multi-property Management - Yes
  13. Third-party Integration - Yes
  14. Upselling Opportunities - Yes
  15. Point of Sale Integration - Yes
  16. Direct Booking Management - Yes
  17. Website Integration - No
  18. SMS Marketing - Yes
  19. Rate Management - Yes
  20. Housekeeping Management - No
  21. Channel Management - No
  22. Multi-currency Support - Yes
  23. Guest Experience Enhancement - Yes
  24. Revenue Management - Yes
  25. Mobile Management - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Guest Profile Management: Thynk centralizes guest data, offering insights into preferences and stay history.
  2. Reservation Management: With Thynk, reservations are seamlessly tracked and managed, ensuring no overlaps or gaps.
  3. Loyalty Program Integration: Integrating loyalty programs allows hotels to reward repeat guests, fostering brand loyalty.
  4. Room Inventory Management: Real-time room status updates ensure optimal occupancy rates.
  5. Feedback Collection: Thynk streamlines feedback collection, helping in continual service improvement.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Thynk offers detailed analytics, providing actionable insights for improved guest relations.
  7. Task Automation: Operational efficiency is heightened as Thynk takes care of repetitive tasks.
  8. Event Management: Hotels can manage and promote events effectively with Thynk's tools.
  9. Direct Booking Management: This feature facilitates direct bookings, sidestepping commission-heavy third parties.
  10. Revenue Management: By analyzing booking trends and pricing, Thynk ensures maximized revenue.

Standout Functionality

  1. Tailored Guest Experiences: Unlike many CRMs, Thynk's focus on personalization creates unique guest experiences.
  2. Deep Analytics for Actionable Insights: Thynk dives deeper into data, guiding hotels towards profitable actions.
  3. Efficient Event Management: Few hotel CRMs offer the depth of event management tools that Thynk does, turning events into revenue streams.


Thynk offers native integrations with multiple payment gateways, major booking sites, and digital marketing tools. Additionally, it offers an API, facilitating custom integrations for specialized requirements. Several add-ons are available, ranging from advanced analytics to multi-property management tools, extending Thynk's capabilities.


Thynk's pricing is competitive, offering a balanced feature set for its cost.

  • Basic tier: $40/user/month (min 5 seats) - Offers core CRM functionalities and basic reporting.
  • Advanced tier: $70/user/month + $49 base fee per month - Includes advanced analytics, event management, and loyalty program integrations.
  • Premium tier: Pricing upon request - For large chains, this tier offers extensive third-party integrations and multi-property management.

Ease of Use

Navigating Thynk is generally intuitive. However, its rich feature set might present a learning curve for some users, especially in areas like analytics and multi-property management.

Customer Support

Thynk offers multiple support channels, including live chat and documentation. However, some users mention occasional delays in response times during peak hours.

Thynk Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Thynk?

Hotels aiming for deep guest personalization and those focusing on events and loyalty programs find Thynk particularly beneficial. Large chains and boutique establishments alike benefit from its features.

Who would be a bad fit for Thynk?

Small bed and breakfast establishments might find Thynk's vast features overwhelming. Also, hotels without a dedicated tech team might struggle with its integrations and advanced features.

Thynk FAQs

Does Thynk support multi-property management?

Yes, Thynk offers tools tailored for multi-property management.

Can I integrate my existing loyalty program with Thynk?

Yes, Thynk supports loyalty program integrations.

Is there an onboarding process to help new users?

Absolutely, Thynk provides onboarding assistance to ensure smooth transition and utilization.

How secure is the data stored in Thynk?

Thynk uses advanced encryption and security measures to ensure all data remains protected.

Does Thynk offer any mobile solutions?

Yes, Thynk has mobile capabilities, allowing hoteliers to manage tasks on-the-go.

Can Thynk integrate with social media for marketing?

Currently, Thynk doesn't offer direct social media integrations but has tools that can complement such campaigns.

Is there a trial period available for Thynk?

Thynk does offer trial periods; the duration might vary based on promotions or agreements.

Can Thynk handle payment processing directly?

No, Thynk doesn't handle payments directly but integrates seamlessly with many major payment gateways.

Alternatives to Thynk

  • GuestJoy: Offers stronger social media integrations, ideal for hotels focusing on online presence.
  • RoomRaccoon: Has advanced room inventory features, making room management a breeze.
  • Lodgify: Favored by vacation rentals and B&Bs, it comes with a website builder alongside CRM functionalities, making it a comprehensive solution for property owners.

Thynk Company Overview & History

Thynk, headquartered in San Francisco, is a leading hotel CRM solution provider. Renowned hotel chains globally trust their software. Owned by TechHoteliers Inc., its mission is "Empowering hotels through personalized guest experiences." Founded in 2010, notable milestones include its API launch in 2015 and the introduction of event management features in 2018.


Thynk offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for hotels aiming to enhance guest experiences. While it excels in areas like personalization and analytics, some might find its vast features a tad overwhelming. If you've used Thynk, do share your experiences below.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.