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A thorough exploration of Resort Data software, guided by a lens honed through decades in hotel tech. I’ve navigated the labyrinthine worlds of various software, picking apart their virtues and shortcomings with equal vigor. In the ensuing passages, you’ll find a meticulous dissection of its features, interface, usability, and customer support, among other pivotal aspects.

I assure you, that every line written here stems from a place of seasoned understanding and impartial analysis. Together, let’s navigate its intricacies and emerge on the other side with clear, decisive knowledge to inform your choice. Whether you’re on the verge of selecting a new platform or merely pondering possibilities, this review aims to serve the clarity you seek.

Resort Data software review - a screenshot of the tool's analytics dashboard
This is a screenshot of the Resort Data analytics dashboard where you can see the real-time insights of the booking status and others.

Resort Data Software Product Overview

Resort Data software emerges as a comprehensive property management system, meticulously designed to streamline front desk operations, optimize check-in processes, and manage diverse accommodation types, from vacation rentals to condominiums.

Serving primarily hoteliers of varying company sizes, this platform offers a robust booking engine alongside integrated apps, responding to the modern demands of hotel management. With an emphasis on value for money, the system delivers unparalleled benefits, particularly in room service automation, credit card processing, and an intuitive front office interface.

The overall rating of the software, influenced by a myriad of user reviews and reinforced by in-depth resort data processing reviews (RDP), suggests its efficacy in addressing challenges faced by hoteliers, especially in maintaining their standings in industry rankings. While customer reviews highlight its expansive features, they also underline the software's adeptness at resolving typical pain points such as easy guest experience management and financial transactions within the hospitality domain.


  • Integrated Reservation Management: Resort Data facilitates a centralized reservation management system that curtails discrepancies and enhances booking accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Customer Database: A thorough client database provides detailed insights and aids in crafting personalized guest experiences.
  • Robust Reporting: Advanced reporting capabilities enable users to distill varied data, aiding informed decision-making.


  • User Interface: The interface is somewhat dated, potentially posing navigation challenges, especially for newer users.
  • Learning Curve: New users might confront a somewhat steep learning curve, potentially slowing initial adoption and proficiency.
  • Limited Integrations: The software offers fewer integrations compared to its contemporaries, which might curtail its utility in more technologically diversified environments.

Expert Opinion

In my view, seasoned through countless software analyses, Resort Data performs a solid act in crucial areas like reservation management and client data handling. However, judging its entire offering and especially in comparison with its peers in the market, certain elements seemingly necessitate enhancement.

It holds its own with an exemplary customer database and insightful reporting, yet when juxtaposed against competitors, its user interface and learning curve can't be overlooked. It might find its sweet spot with mid-sized resorts or hotel chains where the balance between robust functionality and user-friendly design aligns with operational needs and technological acumen.

Resort Data: The Bottom Line

Navigating through Resort Data’s offerings, one can’t help but appreciate its potent reporting capabilities which stand out in the crowded realm of property management software (PMS). This feature provides valuable, intricate data insights, a crucial asset for any property manager prioritizing data-driven decision-making.

Furthermore, its comprehensive customer database unveils a goldmine of client information, paving the way for personalized, engaging guest experiences, which is not only a need but a norm in today’s hospitality landscape. It champions the cause of an integrated, centralized reservation system, making it a worthwhile contender for those who prioritize these particular facets in their operational toolkit.

Resort Data Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Online Bookings - Yes
  2. Reservation Management - Yes
  3. Payment Processing - Yes
  4. Maintenance Management - Yes
  5. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  6. Guest Communication - Yes
  7. Staff Management - Yes
  8. Multi-Property Management - Yes
  9. Mobile Accessibility - No
  10. Housekeeping Management - Yes
  11. Loyalty Program Management - No
  12. Inventory Management - Yes
  13. Channel Management - Yes
  14. Marketing Tools - No
  15. Dynamic Pricing - No
  16. Guest Experience Management - Yes
  17. Website Builder - No
  18. Revenue Management - Yes
  19. API Access - Yes
  20. Integration Capabilities - Yes
  21. Financial Management - Yes
  22. Task Automation - Yes
  23. User Management - Yes
  24. Security Features - Yes
  25. Customer Database - Yes

Resort Data Feature Overview

  1. Reservation Management: A centralized system manages bookings and ensures alignment with room availability, mitigating overbookings.
  2. Customer Database: A rich repository allows storage and retrieval of guest data, fostering personalized service and targeted communication.
  3. Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting extracts and presents vital data, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  4. Maintenance Management: Efficiently schedules and tracks property upkeep, ensuring optimal operations and guest satisfaction.
  5. Guest Communication: Direct, automated, and customizable guest communication enhances the guest journey and operational efficiency.
  6. Multi-Property Management: Manage numerous properties easily through a singular interface, ensuring centralized control and data access.
  7. Financial Management: A tool that oversees and manages all financial transactions and data, ensuring accurate and transparent financial operation.
  8. Channel Management: A system that manages and synchronizes data between different distribution channels, ensuring consistency and maximizing visibility.
  9. Task Automation: Automated workflows ease routine tasks, ensuring operational efficiency and reducing manual labor.
  10. User Management: Allows robust control over user access, ensuring secure and defined system use.

Standout Functionality

  1. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Resort Data offers remarkably detailed reporting capabilities that extract deep insights, differing from many other platforms in the granularity of its data extraction.
  2. Sophisticated Customer Database: Providing an extensive, detailed database, Resort Data permits nuanced guest data management, allowing a depth of personalization and data-driven decision-making that’s not commonly found.
  3. Integrated Multi-Property Management: Its ability to manage various properties through a unified interface offers managers a holistic overview and control in a single platform, which may not always be as integrative in other software.


Resort Data supports a variety of native integrations with tools like POS systems, electronic locking systems, and online booking channels. An API is available, which offers additional flexibility, permitting the creation of custom integrations tailored to specific needs. Additionally, third-party add-ons could be integrated to broaden the functionalities such as advanced payment processing or enhanced communication modules.

Resort Data Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating through Resort Data, the intuitive design in certain modules is evident, while others may seem to host a slightly steeper learning curve. The reservation management system, while robust, mandates a thorough understanding of its functionalities to harness its full capabilities. Simultaneously, the detailed customer database provides a wealth of information at a glance, though integrating it effectively into operations requires adequate training and familiarization.

Customer Support

My interactions with Resort Data’s customer support presented a mix of efficiencies and areas needing improvement. Responses, while not instant, are detailed and thorough, reflecting a depth of knowledge and genuine effort to assist. However, the lack of a 24/7 live chat or immediate support may pose challenges for properties operating in diverse time zones or needing immediate assistance. While resources like documentation are available, they could benefit from further expansion and detail, catering to a wider array of customer queries and potential issues.

Resort Data Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Resort Data?

Resort Data finds its stride in the hospitality sector, specifically with mid-scale hotels and resort management entities that have a keen emphasis on detailed, data-driven operations. Boutique hotels and medium-sized resorts, especially those managing multiple properties, often extract significant value from their robust multi-property management and in-depth analytics.

Entities with a penchant for personalized guest experiences frequently harness the sophisticated customer database to enhance guest interactions and satisfaction. Particularly, organizations that value a detailed analysis of their operations and guest interactions might see the most value in the specific functionalities offered.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Resort Data?

Smaller establishments, particularly those with limited staff and resources to navigate through the substantial features, might find Resort Data overwhelming. Businesses seeking an ultra-modern, highly intuitive user interface or desiring native digital marketing tools might not find Resort Data aligns with their expectations.

Similarly, establishments requiring immediate, 24/7 customer support might find certain challenges in the support model. Teams with a high emphasis on mobile accessibility could find the absence of a mobile application a notable drawback.

Resort Data FAQs

What distinguishes Resort Data's reporting and analytics?

Resort Data offers particularly detailed and granular reporting, allowing for an in-depth analysis of various operational aspects.

Is there mobile access available for Resort Data?

No, Resort Data does not provide a mobile application for access on the go.

How does Resort Data facilitate multi-property management?

It enables the management of various properties through a single, centralized interface, enhancing ease of control and data access.

Can Resort Data integrate with other tools and platforms?

Yes, it supports numerous integrations and also offers API access for additional connectivity.

How intuitive is the user interface of Resort Data?

The interface can be intuitive in some modules while demanding a learning curve in others.

Does Resort Data support digital marketing functionalities?

No, Resort Data does not house native digital marketing tools.

What kind of customer support does Resort Data provide?

They provide detailed and knowledgeable support, though not instantly or via 24/7 live chat.

Can the customer database in Resort Data enhance personalized guest communication?

Yes, the database allows detailed guest data management, which can significantly enhance personalized communication and service.

Alternatives to Resort Data

  • Hotelogix: Often chosen for its comprehensive cloud-based functionalities, particularly in dynamic pricing and digital marketing.
  • Cloudbeds: A preferred choice for those requiring easy integrations and a user-friendly interface without compromising on feature richness.
  • RoomKeyPMS: Frequently selected for its expansive set of features housed within an intuitive, straightforward interface.

Resort Data Company Overview & History

Resort Data processes its position in the hospitality technology sector, facilitating property management through a suite of focused, analytical tools. Widely adopted by mid-scale hotels and resorts, it anchors its offerings on a platform providing detailed operational insights and enhanced guest management capabilities. They have been in business for over 35 years. They are located at Eagle Rd. Avon, Colorado.

In a landscape where customer experiences are paramount, Resort Data drives its mission toward empowering hotels and resorts with data and managerial control to elevate guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Navigating through the landscape of Resort Data unveils a tool embedded with capabilities that shine in certain environments, particularly those that marry a need for analytical depth with intricate guest management. Its substantial offering in terms of detailed reporting, customer data management, and multi-property oversight carves out a niche that certain establishments might find invaluable. That said, potential users will do well to weigh these capabilities against the absence of features like mobile accessibility and native digital marketing tools.

As every tool casts its strengths and limitations in different lights depending on the operational context, your experiences with Resort Data might mirror or diverge from these observations. Thus, your insights and experiences are not only welcomed but fundamentally crucial to a holistic understanding of the software’s practicality in diverse operational contexts.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.