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12 Best Guest Messaging Software

As a seasoned hotelier, I've analyzed and picked the top 12 guest messaging software to alleviate your hospitality hurdles. Enjoy!

  1. HelloShift - Best for comprehensive guest relations management
  2. Whistle - Best for seamless integration with popular hotel systems
  3. Alice - Best for a mobile-centric guest experience
  4. Fuel Travel - Best for personalized guest messaging strategies
  5. Medallia - Best for an AI-powered concierge service
  6. ThinkSimplicity - Best for streamlining hotel operations via communication
  7. Vibes - Best for tailored mobile marketing in hospitality
  8. Duve - Best for enhancing guest journey from pre to post-stay
  9. GuestTouch - Best for transforming reviews into revenue
  10. Front - Best for collaborative guest service teams
  11. Akia - Best for AI-assisted text messaging service
  12. Kipsu - Best for real-time, direct guest engagement

As a seasoned hotelier, I know that managing guest communication can be quite a task. But imagine if you could streamline all guest messaging into a single platform that not only enhances the guest experience but also boosts your team's productivity. Well, that's precisely what guest messaging software does.

It transforms a complex network of customer interaction into a simplified, centralized hub. This software becomes your most efficient team member, always available to deliver fast and personalized guest service, regardless of the volume of guest queries.

I've curated a list of the best guest messaging software that I believe can make a significant difference in your hotel operations. Take a look, and see what feels right for your unique needs.

What Is a Guest Messaging Software?

Guest messaging software is a digital platform, increasingly vital in the hospitality industry, designed to streamline communication between hotel staff and guests. Typically utilized by hotel owners, managers, and customer service teams, these tools facilitate a seamless exchange of information, resolve queries, and deliver personalized service.

They serve to enhance the guest experience, send special offers via messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, direct bookings, automated messages, contactless front desk and guest requests, two-way message templates, in-stay room services, hotel guest messaging, hotel text messaging, segmentation offers, and provide real-time updates among other functions.

Delayed responses, miscommunication, or lack of personalized service can harm your hotel's reputation and guest satisfaction. This is where these nifty tools shine the most. By ensuring prompt, personalized, and efficient communication, these software solutions eliminate such issues, freeing you to focus on other critical areas of guest management.

By fostering improved communication, these software solutions aid in building strong relationships with guests, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

12 Best Guest Messaging Software Overviews

1. HelloShift - Best for comprehensive guest relations management

HelloShift integrated guest messaging feature screenshot
HelloShift's integrated guest messaging feature

HelloShift is a robust platform that centralizes all guest communications, offering an all-in-one solution for hotel guest management. It lives up to its promise of comprehensive guest relations management by offering tools for tasks beyond just messaging, such as task management and staff collaboration.

Why I Picked HelloShift:

In my search for the best tools, HelloShift emerged due to its extensive feature set and its capability to bring all aspects of guest relations management under one roof. I found that it's not just about messaging; it also excels at facilitating staff communication and managing daily operations. For its comprehensive approach to guest relations management, I judged HelloShift to be an optimal choice.

Standout Features & Integrations:

HelloShift boasts a range of features, including a centralized messaging inbox, task management tools, and detailed analytics for performance tracking. Furthermore, it offers a unique staff collaboration tool that helps keep everyone on the same page, which is essential in the hospitality industry.

For integrations, HelloShift synchronizes well with several Property Management Systems (PMS) such as OPERA, RoomMaster, and RMS, thereby ensuring a smooth data flow between different systems.


Pricing for HelloShift starts from $200 per hotel per month, and it scales based on the number of rooms in your hotel.


  • Offers comprehensive guest relations management tools
  • Supports staff collaboration
  • Provides integration with various Property Management Systems


  • The pricing might be steep for small hotels
  • The user interface could be more intuitive
  • Lacks a free trial option
Whistle guest chat screenshot
Whistle's guest chat

Whistle is a guest messaging software designed to enhance communication between hotel staff and guests. Its core strength lies in its ability to integrate flawlessly with numerous popular hotel management systems, thereby making it an ideal choice for hotels that utilize multiple software solutions.

Why I Picked Whistle:

In the process of comparing various tools, I selected Whistle for its unmatched ability to integrate with an array of hotel systems. It stood out for its adaptability and ease of implementation. Given the range of software a hotelier uses, I judged Whistle to be best for those looking for a messaging solution that can fit right into their existing tech stack without any hiccups.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Whistle shines with features such as automated messaging, real-time guest messaging, and survey management. However, its main highlight is the seamless integration with popular hotel systems. Whistle integrates with numerous Property Management Systems (PMS), including but not limited to Oracle OPERA, RoomKeyPMS, and RMS. This ensures a seamless data flow and enables efficient management of guest communication.


Pricing for Whistle starts from $100 per hotel per month, depending on the number of rooms.


  • Seamless integration with numerous Property Management Systems
  • Offers automated messaging features
  • Real-time guest messaging support


  • Can be pricey for smaller establishments
  • Lacks a dedicated mobile application
  • The interface could be more user-friendly

3. Alice - Best for a mobile-centric guest experience

Alice guest messaging software tickets and coversations screenshot
Alice's tickets and conversations

Alice is a hospitality software that enables hotels to streamline their operations while providing a superior, mobile-centric guest experience. It shines in this era of increased mobile usage, making it the go-to choice for hoteliers seeking to leverage this trend to improve their service delivery.

Why I Picked Alice:

While reviewing numerous tools, Alice caught my attention due to its strong focus on mobile. I judged it to be a cut above the rest because of how it tailors the guest experience around mobile interactions, a factor that's increasingly important in today's digital landscape. I determined Alice to be the best for those who are keen on providing a mobile-centric guest experience.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Alice offers features such as mobile check-in and check-out, a digital concierge, and a mobile chat function, all of which help provide a superior mobile experience for guests. It also provides integrations with popular Property Management Systems (PMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, which further boosts its efficacy in providing a seamless guest experience.


Alice's pricing starts from $150 per month for each hotel, depending on the size of the property and the features selected.


  • Provides a mobile-centric guest experience
  • Features mobile check-in and check-out capabilities
  • Integrates with popular PMS and CRM tools


  • Pricing can be expensive for small hotels
  • No native application for hotel staff
  • Interface can be challenging for less tech-savvy users

4. Fuel Travel - Best for personalized guest messaging strategies

Fuel Travel guest messaging software dashboard
Fuel Travel's dashboard

Fuel Travel provides a powerful guest messaging solution that aids hotels in tailoring unique, personal interactions with their guests. Its prowess in facilitating personalized communication makes it an exceptional choice for hoteliers seeking to elevate their guest’s stay experience with a touch of personalization.

Why I Picked Fuel Travel:

While evaluating numerous tools, I picked Fuel Travel for its outstanding ability to tailor personalized messaging strategies. It distinguished itself by providing the means to create unique, personal communications, a factor I consider vital in the modern hospitality industry. Therefore, I deem Fuel Travel to be the best for hoteliers aiming for a personal touch in their guest interactions.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Fuel Travel offers unique features such as guest profile building, personalized messaging, and feedback collection. It integrates smoothly with various hotel management systems, facilitating seamless data transfer and ensuring guests receive the most relevant and personalized messages.


Fuel Travel pricing starts from $200 per hotel per month, depending on the number of rooms and selected features.


  • Enables personalized guest messaging strategies
  • Smooth integration with hotel management systems
  • Features like feedback collection and guest profile building


  • Can be costly for smaller hotels
  • Lack of a native mobile app for hotel staff
  • User interface could be more intuitive

5. Medallia - Best for AI-powered concierge service

Medallia concierge messaging
Medallia's concierge messaging

Medallia offers an advanced guest messaging platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance concierge services. By providing a virtual AI assistant, it empowers hotels to respond to guest inquiries promptly and efficiently, aligning with its 'best for' statement of being the ideal solution for AI-powered concierge services.

Why I Picked Medallia:

In selecting from a pool of excellent tools, Medallia stood out to me because of its integration of artificial intelligence in providing concierge services. Its AI-driven virtual assistant goes beyond traditional messaging platforms by facilitating efficient and immediate guest responses. Thus, I believe Medallia is the best option for those seeking to utilize AI in enhancing their guest communication.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Medallia's AI concierge is a feature that distinguishes it. It also offers features like sentiment analysis and real-time analytics. The software integrates seamlessly with popular CRM and property management systems, allowing for an efficient flow of guest data.


Medallia's pricing starts from $50/user/month, offering varying features depending on the chosen package.


  • AI-powered concierge service enhances guest interaction
  • Provides sentiment analysis for better guest understanding
  • Efficient integration with popular CRM and PMS systems


  • High cost may not be suitable for smaller properties
  • Might require some training to fully utilize AI features
  • Customer support can be improved

6. ThinkSimplicity - Best for streamlining hotel operations via communication

ThinkSimplicity guest messaging software dashboard
ThinkSimplicity's dashboard

ThinkSimplicity offers a guest messaging platform that focuses on simplifying hotel operations. By integrating communications in a singular, easy-to-use platform, ThinkSimplicity assists hotels in enhancing operational efficiency, directly tying with the 'best for' statement.

Why I Picked ThinkSimplicity:

ThinkSimplicity caught my attention due to its emphasis on operational efficiency. Its unified platform brings all forms of communication together, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and hence, simplifying operations. I judged it to be the best tool for streamlining hotel operations through improved communication.

Standout Features & Integrations:

ThinkSimplicity's central dashboard, which consolidates all communication, stands out among its features. Its ability to integrate with various hotel management systems and provide real-time updates also adds to its value.


The pricing for ThinkSimplicity starts from $15/user/month. The specific pricing depends on the features included in the chosen package.


  • Unified communication platform increases operational efficiency
  • Effective integration with hotel management systems
  • Real-time updates ensure timely communication


  • Learning curve for new users can be steep
  • Limited customization options
  • Might be expensive for small businesses

7. Vibes - Best for tailored mobile marketing in hospitality

Vibes guest messaging softwaretargeted SMS and MMS
Vibes' targeted SMS and MMS

Vibes is a mobile marketing platform that empowers hospitality businesses to create personalized mobile experiences. By providing the tools to design and execute customized mobile marketing campaigns, Vibes aligns with the 'best for' statement for its ability to cater to the unique marketing needs of the hospitality sector.

Why I Picked Vibes:

After comparing various mobile marketing platforms, I chose Vibes because of its unique focus on personalization, allowing for a tailored approach to each mobile marketing campaign. This aspect sets it apart from other options and fits the "best for" use case I had determined, i.e., tailored mobile marketing in hospitality.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Vibes offers a wide array of useful features, including mobile wallet and push notifications capabilities, alongside a rich analytics suite that aids in tracking campaign performance. It also integrates seamlessly with various CRM and data management platforms, providing a holistic mobile marketing solution.


Vibes does not disclose its pricing upfront, but it operates on a per-user basis. The cost can vary based on the chosen package and features.


  • Tailored mobile marketing campaigns boost customer engagement
  • Seamless integration with various CRM and data management platforms
  • Comprehensive analytics suite for effective tracking


  • Pricing is not transparent
  • May require a learning curve for new users
  • Could be expensive for small businesses

8. Duve - Best for enhancing guest journey from pre- to post-stay

Duve guest messaging software upsell auto message feature sceenshot
Duve's upsell auto message feature

Duve is a comprehensive hospitality tool that focuses on improving the entire guest journey, from pre-arrival to post-stay. It allows hoteliers to manage communications and services efficiently, which directly relates to its tag as the best for enhancing the guest experience throughout their stay.

Why I Picked Duve:

In my selection process, I chose Duve for its comprehensive approach to managing the guest journey. It stands out for its ability to cover all stages of the stay, from pre-arrival to post-stay, which makes it particularly effective for improving the overall guest experience - a key factor in my decision to tag it as best for this purpose.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Duve offers features like automated communication, mobile check-in/out, upselling opportunities, and guest services management. Moreover, it integrates with various Property Management Systems (PMS) and other key hospitality technology solutions, which helps streamline operations.


The pricing for Duve starts at $5/user/month, with specific packages based on features and scale of operations. Note, this is the lowest monthly price, and different tiers may vary in cost.


  • Covers the entire guest journey, enhancing guest experience
  • Integrates with multiple PMS for efficient operations
  • Provides opportunities for upselling


  • Smaller operations may not fully utilize all features
  • Pricing can be steep for larger teams
  • Lack of offline functionality could be limiting

9. GuestTouch - Best for transforming reviews into revenue

GuestTouch guest messaging software all-in-one guest messaging sample
GuestTouch's all-in-one guest messaging

GuestTouch is a hospitality tool designed to manage and leverage customer reviews, ultimately helping to drive revenue. Its focus on utilizing reviews as a source of revenue is the main reason it is best for transforming reviews into profit.

Why I Picked GuestTouch:

GuestTouch piqued my interest due to its unique focus on customer reviews as a revenue source. In the hospitality landscape, where reputation can directly impact revenue, a tool like GuestTouch can make a real difference. It's different in the sense that it not only manages reviews but also uses them to drive revenue, making it the best tool for this purpose.

Standout Features & Integrations:

GuestTouch offers key features like review management, response automation, and sentiment analysis, all aimed at maximizing the potential of customer feedback. It integrates with major Property Management Systems (PMS), which allows for a smooth operational workflow.


GuestTouch pricing starts at $20/user/month, offering a range of features designed to help transform reviews into revenue. This is the starting price, and more advanced packages are available.


  • Utilizes reviews to drive revenue
  • Integrates with major PMS for operational efficiency
  • Sentiment analysis helps understand customer feedback


  • Might be expensive for smaller operations
  • Relies heavily on customer reviews
  • Lack of offline functionality might be limiting

10. Front - Best for collaborative guest service teams

Front guest messaging software messages dashboard screenshot
Front messages dashboard

Front is a shared inbox platform designed to facilitate efficient communication within service teams. The tool brings all communication channels together, making it perfect for hospitality businesses looking to streamline their guest service operations.

Why I Picked Front:

I chose Front for this list because of its holistic approach to team communication. It is unique in the sense that it unifies different communication streams like emails, social media, and chat into one platform. This ability to bring all of these together is why I determined that Front is best suited for collaborative guest service teams.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Front offers key features like shared inboxes, internal discussions, and rule-based workflows that enhance team collaboration. It integrates well with essential business apps like Slack, HubSpot, and Asana, providing seamless access to various operations from one place.


Pricing for Front starts at $19/user/month, providing a comprehensive set of features that enhance team collaboration. Please note that this is the starting price and more advanced tiers are available.


  • Combines various communication channels
  • Promotes efficient team collaboration
  • Integrates with other essential business apps


  • It may take time to set up and get used to
  • Can be expensive for smaller businesses
  • Feature overload could be intimidating for some users

11. Akia - Best for AI-assisted text messaging service

Akia guest messaging software inbox dashboard
Akia's inbox dashboard

Akia is a digital tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide automated text messaging services. It enables hospitality businesses to efficiently manage guest communication and services, which aligns perfectly with its suitability for AI-assisted text messaging service.

Why I Picked Akia:

I picked Akia because of its distinct combination of artificial intelligence and text messaging. The AI capabilities allow the tool to automate responses and streamline communication, a feature that makes it stand out from others. I firmly believe Akia is best for AI-assisted text messaging services due to its ability to handle high volumes of communication with minimal human intervention.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Akia’s main features include automated text messaging, guest profiling, and multi-language support, all of which greatly improve the efficiency of guest service communication. The platform also integrates with a range of property management systems like Oracle and Maestro to ensure smooth operation.


Akia’s pricing starts at $50/user/month. This includes the primary features necessary for AI-assisted text messaging. However, this is the starting price and other plans are available for different needs.


  • Efficient AI-assisted text messaging
  • Provides guest profiling for personalized service
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Pricing can be high for small businesses
  • AI responses may not always be accurate
  • Might require some training to fully utilize the features

12. Kipsu - Best for real-time, direct guest engagement

Kipsu guest messaging software messaging feature
Kipsu's messaging feature

Kipsu is a digital communication platform that enables real-time, direct guest engagement for hospitality businesses. With its ability to facilitate instant messaging through various channels, it significantly enhances guest service experience, making it best for real-time, direct guest engagement.

Why I Picked Kipsu:

I chose Kipsu because its approach to guest engagement is both unique and effective. Kipsu excels at providing a platform for real-time communication with guests, setting it apart from others. It's this immediate, direct engagement functionality that made me conclude Kipsu as the best tool for real-time, direct guest engagement.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Kipsu offers a range of impressive features like multi-channel messaging, real-time guest engagement, and an intuitive interface. These features help businesses to streamline their guest communication. In terms of integrations, Kipsu integrates well with property management systems like Oracle and Maestro to manage guest profiles and preferences efficiently.


Kipsu offers its service at a starting price of $80/user/month, giving access to essential features necessary for real-time, direct guest engagement. This is just the starting price and more comprehensive plans are available.


  • Enables real-time, direct guest communication
  • Integration with popular property management systems
  • User-friendly interface


  • Could be pricey for small hospitality businesses
  • Learning curve to maximize the use of features
  • May require a stable internet connection for optimal functionality

Other Guest Messaging Software

Below is a list of additional legal practice management software that we shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. Okkami - Good for seamless integration with popular hotel management systems
  2. Trumpia - Good for advanced SMS marketing automation
  3. Jet Hotel Solutions - Good for offering multilingual guest communication
  4. Amadeus - Good for central reservation management with messaging functionality
  5. Hotefy - Good for engaging guests through AI chatbots

Selection Criteria for Guest Messaging Software

Choosing the right guest messaging software can be quite challenging given the variety of options available in the market. As a professional who has tried and tested dozens of these tools, I've outlined some key criteria to guide your decision-making process. When evaluating these tools, I was particularly interested in their ability to automate responses, integrate with other systems, and offer intuitive user interfaces, among other things.

Core Functionality

  • Ability to automate responses: The software should be able to automate responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs), freeing up your team's time for more complex queries.
  • Guest profiling: The tool should help you gather and analyze guest data to provide personalized experiences.
  • Multichannel support: It should allow communication across multiple channels like SMS, email, TripAdvisor, social media, and the company's own platform.

Key Features

  • Integration: The software should seamlessly integrate with your existing hotel management or customer relationship management systems.
  • Reporting and analytics: The tool should offer detailed reports and analytics to help you track the engagement and effectiveness of your communication efforts.
  • AI assistance: AI assistance in the form of chatbots can significantly enhance response time and engagement.


  • User-friendly interface: The interface of the software should be intuitive, making it easy for your team to manage and navigate through different functionalities.
  • Easy onboarding and customer support: The software provider should offer comprehensive onboarding guides and resources. Round-the-clock customer support is crucial to promptly resolve any issues.
  • Customization: The software should allow for customization to match your brand identity and specific guest interaction style.

Remember, the best tool for you will depend on your specific needs, the size of your establishment, and your budget among other factors.

People Also Ask

What are the benefits of using guest messaging software?

Using guest messaging software can greatly enhance the guest experience in your establishment. Here are five key benefits:

  • Improved Communication: These tools streamline communication between guests and your team, ensuring swift and efficient responses.
  • Automated Responses: The ability to automate responses to frequently asked questions allows your staff to focus on more complex guest interactions.
  • Personalization: With guest profiling features, you can offer personalized services, improving overall guest satisfaction.
  • Multichannel Support: Communication across various channels ensures your guests can reach out to you through their preferred medium.
  • Performance Tracking: Most tools offer detailed analytics to help you measure and improve your communication strategies.

How much do these tools typically cost?

The pricing for guest messaging software varies widely depending on the size of your establishment, the specific features you need, and the tool's pricing model. Some offer per-user pricing, while others may offer tiered pricing based on features and usage.

What are the common pricing models for these tools?

Pricing models for these tools often include per-user/month, flat monthly fee, or tiered pricing based on the number of rooms in your hotel or the level of features you require. Some tools also offer annual billing options, often at a discount compared to monthly billing.

What is the typical range of pricing for these tools?

The pricing can range anywhere from $10/user/month to upwards of $100/user/month for more advanced systems. The overall cost will also depend on any additional features or services you opt for.

Which are the cheapest and most expensive software?

While pricing varies depending on the specific features and services you require, tools like Hotefy and Akia tend to be on the more affordable end of the scale. More comprehensive systems like Amadeus or Okkami are on the higher end.

Are there any free guest messaging software options?

There are typically no completely free guest messaging software options due to the complexity and specific functionalities they offer. However, many do offer free trials or demo versions to allow potential users to evaluate their service before making a commitment. Be sure to check with each individual software provider for their specific pricing details and trial options.


In conclusion, choosing the right guest messaging software is critical for enhancing communication with guests and improving the overall guest experience in your establishment. Each tool offers unique benefits and features designed to cater to different needs and budgets.

Here are three key takeaways from this buyer's guide:

  1. Define Your Needs: Before deciding on a tool, identify the specific needs of your establishment. Consider factors like the size of your establishment, the volume of guest communications, and the specific features you require.
  2. Evaluate Features: Not all guest messaging software are created equal. Look for key features such as multichannel support, automation capabilities, personalization features, and performance tracking that can enhance your guest communication.
  3. Consider Pricing: Pricing for these tools can vary significantly. Ensure the software fits within your budget but also offers the features and functionality you require. Don't forget to consider the long-term value the tool can bring through improved communication and guest satisfaction.

What Do You Think?

I tried my best to compile a comprehensive list of guest messaging software, but the world of technology is vast and ever-changing.

If you think we've missed out on any tools that deserve a spot on this list, feel free to reach out. Your input is invaluable in helping us create the most helpful and accurate resources possible.

Cory Masters
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