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With decades in hospitality tech, I've seen the landscape change and technologies evolve. You're likely here because you're considering Agilysys for your operations, and I get it—the decision is significant. Rest assured, my Agilysys review will offer the comprehensive insights you need to decide if this software aligns with your business goals. I'll dissect its features, assess its user-friendliness, and measure its capabilities against industry benchmarks. You'll walk away informed, with a clear vision of what Agilysys can, or can't, do for you.

Agilysys review showing the calendar view screenshot
This is the calendar view of Agilysys software to keep track of all your pending activities.

Agilysys Hospitality Software Overview

Agilysys provides software solutions designed to manage various aspects of hospitality businesses, such as point-of-sale, property management, and inventory. Its primary users are hotels, restaurants, and casinos looking for robust, integrated systems. The tool notably improves operational efficiency and enhances the guest experience by streamlining routine tasks. Its main solutions address pain points like high labor costs, complex guest management, and fragmented communication between departments. Best features include its POS systems like Agilysys InfoGenesis and its property management solutions like rGuest.


  • Robust POS: Agilysys InfoGenesis excels in handling high-volume transactions, essential for busy hotels and casinos.
  • Integrated Solutions: Agilysys offers a variety of interconnected tools that manage inventory, property, and guest relations in a cohesive manner.
  • User Experience: According to user reviews, the interface is intuitive, which contributes to ease of use and quick onboarding for new employees.


  • Pricing: Some users and project managers find Agilysys pricing to be on the higher end, impacting the overall rating.
  • Technical Support: Customer support can sometimes be less responsive, affecting the work life balance of team members who depend on prompt service.
  • Limited Customization: When compared to alternatives like Micros, Agilysys offers less flexibility in configuring its software to unique business needs.

Expert Opinion

In my judgment, Agilysys holds its ground well against other key players in the hospitality software market. Its functionality, especially in POS systems, gives it an edge. However, pricing can be a concern, and customer support does have room for improvement. When it comes to ease of use and integrations, Agilysys outperforms many, but its technical support and customization options fall short compared to some competitors. This makes the software particularly suitable for larger establishments like casinos that can capitalize on its robust, integrated solutions.

Agilysys: The Bottom Line

Unique to Agilysys is its strong focus on creating a cohesive ecosystem for hospitality businesses. While many tools offer POS or PMS, few manage to integrate these as smoothly as Agilysys, resulting in a more streamlined guest experience. Its POS system, Agilysys InfoGenesis, stands out for its robustness and efficiency. In a world where the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformations, Agilysys positions itself as a reliable contender that brings a lot to the table.

Agilysys Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Reservation Management - Yes
  2. Check-In and Check-Out - Yes
  3. Point of Sale (POS) - Yes
  4. Payment Processing - Yes
  5. Employee Scheduling - Yes
  6. Inventory Management - Yes
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Yes
  8. Housekeeping Management - Yes
  9. Event Planning - No
  10. Maintenance Management - Yes
  11. Guest Feedback Management - Yes
  12. Financial Reporting - Yes
  13. Real-time Dashboard - Yes
  14. Mobile Access - Yes
  15. Loyalty Program Management - Yes
  16. Multi-location Management - Yes
  17. Room Assignment - Yes
  18. Room Service Management - Yes
  19. API Access - Yes
  20. Self-Service Kiosk - No
  21. Email Notifications - Yes
  22. 24/7 Customer Support - Yes
  23. Menu Management for Food/Beverages - Yes
  24. Language Support - Yes
  25. Online Booking - Yes
agilysys software review featuring the tool in different devices
Your clients have different versions to access your system from any device when you're using the Asilysys tool.

Feature Overview

  1. Reservation Management: Allows hotels to streamline the booking process.
  2. Point of Sale (POS): Provides a robust POS system that integrates with other features for a seamless experience.
  3. Payment Processing: Supports multiple forms of payments and currencies.
  4. Inventory Management: Helps keep track of available rooms, amenities, and other goods.
  5. Employee Scheduling: Manages the work hours of team members efficiently.
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enhances guest experience by storing and using guest data effectively.
  7. Housekeeping Management: Facilitates the coordination between cleaning staff and the front desk.
  8. Financial Reporting: Provides real-time financial statistics and reports.
  9. Mobile Access: Allows for management on-the-go through mobile devices.
  10. Loyalty Program Management: Helps retain customers by managing rewards and loyalty programs.

Standout Functionality

Agilysys stands out in its comprehensive approach to hospitality software. While most competitors focus on specific niches like POS or reservation management, Agilysys offers a broad suite of functionalities designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

  1. Real-Time Dashboard: Agilysys provides a real-time dashboard that integrates data from multiple features, giving a holistic view of operations.
  2. Employee Scheduling: Unlike many competitors, Agilysys offers a robust scheduling feature designed specifically for the unique needs of hospitality businesses.
  3. Housekeeping Management: Agilysys focuses more on the coordination between housekeeping and other departments, which is often neglected in other software.


Agilysys offers API access which allows for custom integrations. It also integrates with third-party tools for accounting, marketing, and other functions.


Pricing upon request

Ease of Use

Navigating through Agilysys requires a moderate learning curve, especially for new employees. The software has a complex array of features, and although this provides high functionality, it can be overwhelming. Agilysys does provide comprehensive customer support and implementation consultant services to assist with the onboarding process.

Customer Support

I find that Agilysys offers a variety of customer support channels, including live chat, email, and phone support. They also provide documentation, webinars, and tutorials to aid in learning the system. However, some users express frustration with longer than expected response times during peak hours, which can be challenging in a fast-paced hospitality environment.

Agilysys Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Agilysys?

Agilysys works well in medium to large hospitality settings such as casinos, hotels, and restaurants. Teams that require robust POS systems and inventory management will find value here. Industries focusing heavily on guest experience and loyalty programs also form a part of their most loyal customer base.

Who would be a bad fit for Agilysys?

Small businesses with simpler needs might find Agilysys overwhelming. If a company is only looking for a basic reservation or point-of-sale system without the need for extensive data analytics or employee management, this might not be the ideal fit. Businesses that require rapid customer support might also be disappointed.

Agilysys FAQs

What is Agilysys?

Agilysys is a cloud-based hospitality software designed to streamline various operations such as reservations, POS, and inventory management.

Is Agilysys good for casinos?

Yes, it offers specialized functionalities tailored for casinos, such as loyalty programs and real-time dashboards.

What is Agilysys Infogenesis?

Agilysys InfoGenesis is a point-of-sale solution that is part of the Agilysys product suite.

Does Agilysys offer a mobile application?

Yes, Agilysys offers mobile applications for both management and guest services, providing a streamlined experience.

Is Agilysys cloud-based?

Yes, it offers cloud-based solutions, allowing access from various devices anywhere.

What type of customer support does Agilysys offer?

Agilysys offers live chat, email, phone support, and additional resources like webinars and tutorials.

Is there an API for custom integrations?

Yes, Agilysys provides API access for custom integrations to meet specific business needs.

What kind of payment options does Agilysys support?

Agilysys supports multiple forms of payments, including credit cards, digital wallets, and more.

Alternatives to Agilysys

Agilysys Company Overview & History

Agilysys is a leading hospitality software company that specializes in point of sale, property management, and other key functionalities. With its headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, the company has a wide range of clients, from hotels to casinos. Notable milestones include the release of its mobile application and the expansion of its suite of products, such as Agilysys InfoGenesis and rGuest.


Agilysys offers robust features that make it suitable for medium to large businesses, particularly in industries like casinos and hotels. Although customer support may have some room for improvement, the extensive range of features could make it worth the investment for many businesses. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. For further reviews on different hospitality software, visit our hospitality tools section.

By Cory Masters

Cory Masters is a dynamic professional with 10+ years of experience working across hotel and hospitality management, accounting, financial management, office management, and operations. She's passionate about elevating other professionals in the community, using her 4 years as an Assistant Hotel Manager at Four Seasons to share the lessons she's learned about managing guest interactions, reservations, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel management systems, and more.